People use Groupons for deals on meals and gym memberships. But tuition?

National Louis University became the first college or university to offer a groupon on its tuition -- 60 percent off a graduate-level introduction to teaching course, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Here are the details:

Regular tuition for the course is $2,232. Groupon will offer it for $950, officials said. The Groupon will go live Tuesday and will be available until Wednesday or until it sells out. Only 25 slots will be available, and the deal will tip at 15, Zivin said. The class will meet for three hours on Monday evenings, from late September to December.

Although the course will count toward a graduate degree, it's only worth three of the 36 credits students need to graduate, Zivin said. Prospective students will need to go through the school's regular admissions process to take further courses.

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