I took a look this morning at the Bald Eagle nest near Decorah, Iowa (http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles). The live feed shows what must be a wet eagle -- it rained down there last night -- but not a snowy one. The bird on the nest seems snuggled a bit deeper in the grass that lines the bottom of the nest than last time I looked two days ago. This morning it was busy tucking in loose ends here and there. There's really not much else to do up there if your job is to stay in place. The wind is howling; turn your sound up if you take a look. Snow is possible this afternoon. I wanted to see what the nest looked like if northeastern Iowa was sharing our weather. Lucky them. The photo is of one the eagles on the nest. Watching these birds --  and I did for about an hour today -- is like meditation, at least as I practice it. Everything goes away except the image of the quiet bird and the roar of the wind. Very relaxing.




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