Thanks to all the kind emails and free advice I've received since writing about my blown-out back. I've had three chiropractice adjustments in the last 24 hours, and it's getting better.

The problem is, I still can't sit down, not without relapsing, and you have to sit to ride the buses, and you have to ride the buses to get to the alpine and snowboard and sliding venues, so I've had to let Rachel Blount and Michael Russo do the tough sledding so far.

If I'm better in the morning, I"ll head to Whistler to see Lindsey Vonn. If not, I'll try to find a venue I can reach by train (they let you stand on the trains, not on the buses) and where I can write standing up. Maybe Shani Davis in speedskating will be my target.

But enough about me.

I'm covering hockey today, writing about the intense expectations facing Team Canada. I thought the US looked pretty cohesive in their 3-1 victory over the Swiss earlier. The US has lots of speed up front and a hot goalie in Ryan Miller. I'm not sure about their D or their depth, but USA GM Brian Burke keeps saying he put this roster together to work like a good NHL team - with grinders and penalty-killers and checkers - not like an All-Star team.

Gotta love Burkie.

Canada is an All-Star team. Canada should win this tournament, and if it doesn't, it will probably be because the players wilted under the pressure.

 I'll have more on that in the Wednesday paper.

I love covering hockey with Russo. I haven't gotten out to the Wild much this year because I was so busy with the Vikings and then took some time off before the Olympics. Being here reminds me how much fun it is to sit next to him in the press box and pick his brain.

Norway looks like its wearing iron-on jerseys.

-Love the odd translation. Want extra cheese on your nachos at Canada Hockey Place? That'd be ``supplement du fromage.'' Why do I see Steve Martin when I read that?

-Russo and I may stick around to watch Russia play tonight. Crosby may be a better player in some ways, but Ovechkin is one of those ``can't-look-away'' athletes, and there aren't many of those.

-I'll probably check in later after a full day of hockey. I'll be on am-1500 at 6:05 am. You can follow me on twitter at Souhanstrib.


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