Summer isn't going to last forever, which is yet another reason to seek out and enjoy a food truck before it's too late. Log into Twitter or Facebook for locations and hours.

Fresh and original sandwiches and salads are the focus at Fork in the Road. Co-owners Kari Offerdahl and Amy Frechette fill their chalkboard menu with satisfying lunch fare that could include two-fisted grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with barbecued pork and caramelized onions, chicken Cobb salad-style wraps, avocado-finished BLTs, strawberry salads with poppyseed dressing and more.

It's easy to spot the Magic Bus Cafe: It's a 1978 Chevrolet school bus, retrofitted with a kitchen and eight onboard seats and painted a purple that would fit into both a Vikings tailgating party and a Janis Joplin tribute concert. The menu is all about top-quality all-beef hot dogs, split, grilled and smothered in a tasty variety of toppings that swing from scrambled eggs and bacon, a garlic-beet sauerkraut and a crazy-good curry relish made with pickles, mango chutney and yellow peppers.

Vellee Deli mixes and matches flavors from Mexico, Korea, Vietnam and beyond, and the results are inexpensive and delicious: burritos filled with grilled short ribs and kimchi, banh mi filled with grilled pork and tangy house-made pickles and beer-battered fish tacos topped with shredded cabbage. Look for the big black truck.