The sky-blue water tower near Hazeltine National Golf Course is about to become history.

Crews are scheduled to begin dismantling the 300,000-gallon water tank and tower next week.

It has been part of the city’s skyline since 1966, when it was built to serve the Jonathan development, a residential complex.

In recent years, the city has grown to the west, and newer homes and businesses are now served by the 600,000-gallon Symphony Hills water tower and the 1.5 million-gallon Clover Ridge water tower.

City officials said the Hazeltine tower is no longer needed and is too expensive to maintain. It was decommissioned and emptied at the end of the summer.

Tower takedown is expected to take two weeks, and the underground equipment and piping system will be removed in November. Officials said the water tower could be refurbished and have a future use, if a smaller community in the state expresses interest.

Tom Meersman | Twitter: @stribmeers