"I hope that we can replace the intense negativity brought on our sport with a reminder of how great it can be when the action is on the ice."

-- Andrew Ference, Boston Bruins defenseman

"Now that we have games on the schedule we just need some fans. I know an apology doesn't make it all better, but it's a place to start. I'm sorry and I hope that fans will forgive us for the role we played in this lockout."

-- Ryan Miller, Buffalo Sabres goalie, to the Toronto Globe & Mail

"We knew there's not really going to be winners in this case. That's why it's really important we got this deal done and get back on the ice."

-- Teemu Selanne, Anaheim Ducks veteran, to the Orange County Register

"That was fast, one minute I'm bussing to our next game and the next I'm standing with my bags in hand at a random train station."

-- Bobby Ryan, Anaheim Ducks forward, in a tweet after leaving his team in Sweden for a return to California.

"So much nonsense during this whole mess but I must say all players are very thankful for Don Fehr and the entire NHLPA staff. #GameOn."

-- Ryan Whitney, Edmonton Oilers defenseman, in a tweet

"It's not fair what we've done to the fans."

Hal Gill, Nashville Predators defenseman, to the Tennessean


"There were some bad feelings going back both ways throughout this, but that's going to happen in negotiations. But bottom line now, it's over and we're ready to play and we're focused on that."

-- Dany Heatley, Wild right winger

"The majority of us have been skating together here now for quite a long time. Seeing the level of play that we have on the ice with the guys we brought in and not being able to play a game has been painful."

-- Matt Cullen, Wild center

"We're very excited. We like the moves we made this summer. We like our team. It'll be a work in progress, particularly with a short camp and adding new pieces into a new system and team, but the next month or two will be exciting."

-- Chuck Fletcher, Wild General Manager

"Guess I don't have to hand in my job application for Taco Bell after all."

-- Matt Kassian, Wild forward, in a tweet