Pre-white settlement

Wolves roam statewide.

Late 1800s through mid-1960s

Bounties offered as wolves increasingly prey on livestock. Some wolves killed by poison, others by airplane.


State's 500-750 wolves protected by federal Endangered Species Act.


Fish and Wildlife Service recovery plan says, "If re-establishment of the wolf is accomplished, regulated taking undoubtedly will be necessary."


Revised federal plan recommends recovered Minnesota population of 1,251 to 1,400 wolves.


Minnesota has estimated wintering population of 2,445 wolves.


Minnesota writes wolf management plan, calling for hunting and trapping five years after ESA delisting.


Minnesota wolf population: 3,000.


Feds propose to delist Minnesota,

Wisconsin and Michigan wolves.


Courts overturn delisting proposal.

2006 Feds again propose to delist.

2008 Wolves again listed under ESA.

April 2009

Another delisting rule published.

July 2009

Rule withdrawn to allow more public comment.

September 2009

Court: Minnesota wolves to remain under ESA.

May 2011 Feds again propose to delist.

January 2012

DNR assumes state wolf management.

May 2012

Legislature establishes fall 2012 wolf hunting and trapping seasons.

Summer 2012

DNR takes 7,000 wolf season comments in online survey.

September 2012 Center for Biological Diversity and Howling for Wolves sue DNR. Court favors DNR.

October 2012 Humane Society and Fund for Animals file intent to sue over delisting, saying: "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service put faith in the state wildlife agencies to responsibly manage wolf populations. But their overzealous and extreme plans to allow for trophy hunting and recreational trapping immediately after de-listing demonstrate that such confidence was unwarranted."