Height-challenged quarterbacks

• Johnny Manziel was measured at 5 feet, 11 ¾ inches at the NFL scouting combine.

• Vikings Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton (6-0) was the Johnny Manziel of his day.

• Seattle's Russell Wilson (5-11) is the shortest quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

• Eddie LeBaron (5-9) was the first starting quarterback in Dallas Cowboys history.

• Doug Flutie (5-10) was named the CFL's Most Outstanding Player six times.

• The last time a QB shorter than 6 feet was selected in the first or second round of the NFL draft was 1953.

• At 5-11, Sonny Jurgensen is the only modern-era QB shorter than 6-0 who is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.