Settling for less

The Vikings have led in the fourth quarter of four games this season that resulted in a loss or tie. Here is how those quarters played out:


Sept. 15 at Chicago: Vikings kick two field goals, lead 30-24; Bears score TD with :10 left. Bears win 31-30.

Sept. 22 vs. Cleveland: Vikings kick one field goal, lead 27-24; Browns score TD with :51 left. Browns win 31-27.


Nov. 3 at Dallas: Vikings score one TD, lead 23-20; Cowboys score TD with :35 left. Cowboys win 27-23.

Nov. 24 at Green Bay: Vikings kick one field goal, lead 23-7; Packers score 16 points, kick game-tying field goal with :50 left. Teams tie 26-26.


Vikings’ fourth-quarter tally: one TD, four field goals, 18 points

Opponents’ fourth-quarter tally: five TDs, one field goal, 37 points