Big Ten baseball tournament

Who: No. 1 seed Indiana (17-7 in Big Ten), No. 2 Ohio State (15-9), No. 3 Nebraska (15-9), No. 4 Gophers (13-8), No. 5 Illinois (14-10), No. 6 Michigan (14-10).

What: Double-elimination tournament, with top two seeds receiving first-round byes. Winner receives automatic NCAA tournament bid.

Where: Target Field

Remaining schedule:

G3: #5 Illinois vs. #6 Michigan, 12:05 pm
G4: #3 Nebraska vs. No. 2 Ohio State, 3:35 pm
G5: #4 Gophers vs. No. 1 Indiana, 7:05 pm

G6: G3 winner vs. Lowest seed of G4-G5 losers, 12:05 pm
G7: G6 winner vs. Highest seed of G4-G5 losers, 3:35 pm
G8: G4 winner vs. G5 winner, 7:05 pm

G9: G7 winner vs. G8 loser, 3:35 pm
G10: G9 winner vs. G8 winner, 7:05 pm

G11: G10 winner vs. G10 loser, 12:05 pm

TV: Big Ten Network