Evaluations: This 2011 law requires annual evaluations of all teachers, requiring that 35 percent of a teacher's evaluation be tied to student performance and growth. It goes into effect in 2014.

Basic skills: Signed into law last month by Gov. Mark Dayton, it requires would-be teachers to pass a college-level basic skills exam before getting their license to teach in public schools.

Seniority: More commonly known as Last In First Out (LIFO), this controversial plan replaces the current seniority-only system of conducting teacher layoffs and replaces it with one that also factors in licensing and evaluations. It passed the House and Senate.

Alternative teaching licensure: The 2011 law made it easier for midcareer professionals to enter the teaching profession. The measure was a pet project of former Gov. Tim Pawlenty. The teachers unions argued the legislation lowered standards for the profession.