When the central air conditioning broke down on Tuesday at Dante Canillas' home in Hopkins, his wife called CenterPoint Energy and was informed that a technician could not come out until June 20.

"I am not very happy about it," Canillas told Whistleblower Thursday, noting that he pays $39.99 each month to CenterPoint for its "Home Service Plus" repair plan. CenterPoint advertises on its website that if you buy the plan, CenterPoint "will fix it right day or night" with "fast service" and adds, "we're here 24 hours a day."

Whistleblower called Becca Virden, a spokeswoman for CenterPoint, to ask about the problem. An hour later, Canillas said he got a call saying a CenterPoint technician would be there within four hours.

Virden told Whistleblower it had a record call volume with 10,000 calls on Monday and Tuesday (the mercury hit 103 Tuesday, one of the toastiest in Minnesota history, and "hotter than Death Valley," Virden said). So CenterPoint had to prioritize repairs -- homes of the elderly, hospitals, churches and home day care centers -- as well as responding to carbon monoxide and gas leaks, she said.

The company then scheduled repairs first-come, first-served. Virden said normally it takes only one to three days for a repair call.

Asked why Canillas' appointment was scheduled 13 days out, she said, "I don't know. They have been getting out to everyone a lot quicker than that."

Kashi frozen pizza recalled

Kashi, a La Jolla, Calif.-based manufacturer of multigrain cereals, snack bars and other products, is recalling about 11,000 cases of frozen pizza because of the possibility of plastic fragments in an ingredient in the crusts. The three varieties of pizza affected by this recall were distributed to grocery stores nationwide.

The company has received no complaints from consumers. For questions or for replacement of a recalled pizza, call Kashi at (877) 864-3521 or go to www.kashi.com.

Here are details on the specific pizzas under recall:

Kashi Mediterranean Thin Crust Pizza, 12.7 ounce, UPC Code 1862732905 3 and Best If Used Before date of either May 10 12NU, May 18 12NU, or May 19 12NU.

Kashi Roasted Vegetable Thin Crust Pizza, 12.2 ounce, UPC Code 1862737342 1 and Best If Used Before date of either May 09 12NU or May 14 12NU.

Kashi Mushroom Trio and Spinach Thin Crust Pizza, 11.9 ounce, UPC Code 1862737344 5 and Best If Used Before date of May 17 12NU.