Andrew Kneeland, who writes a Twins blog called Twins Target, came up with an idea a couple of weeks ago. He decided that February 12th would be Nick Punto Day, and Twins bloggers that want to contribute their thoughts on the controversial Twins infielder. Twins fans seem to either love Nick Punto, or they despise his every move, so it should be a fun exercise. Here are some of the submissions for your consideration. After reading the blogs, be sure to leave your comments below.

·         Let’s start with Andrew Kneeland’s Twins Target Punto post entitled, Nick Punto: Undervalued and Underappreciated.
·         My Punto post can be found over at
·         K-Bro’s Baseball Blog compares Nick Punto to a good ‘ol pair of shoes.
·         Andrew Bryz-Gornia of Off the Mark needed two postings to present all of his Nick Punto thoughts.
·         Twins Territory bloggedon Punto, including some video.
·         Shawn from On the Road With… posted thoughts on Nick Punto and Iron Maiden?
·         Here are the thoughts of Nam Huyhn of the Minnesota Sports Zone.
·         Marty Andrade starts his Nick Punto Day blog by writing, “I have an instantaneous visceral dsypeptic reaction to the mere mention of Nick Punto.” That means it must be worth reading!
·         Topper Anton of Curve for a Strike celebrated Nick Punto Day by writing a Long-From Epic poem.
·         The Twins Geek went to the Way-Back Machine and found an article he wrote on Punto in March of 2004, during Punto’s first spring training with the Twins.
·         TT from Granny Baseball discusses the contributions of Nick Punto since he came to the organization in 2004.
        Nick's Twins Blog posts Distinctly Punto with some excellent analysis.
        Parker from Over the Baggy describes what it means to be Punto-esque.
·         Please note that several more Twins bloggers will be writing about Nick Punto throughout Friday, February 12th, so be sure to check out as many of them as you are able, and if you find one that has not been mentioned here, include it in the Comments below.
There are many aspects to the game of baseball that make it so great. Second guessing is second nature in baseball. Nick Punto is one player that has created a ton of discussion in the past six seasons. He is a utility infielder and very good in that role. With the Twins, he has had to be an everyday player. There are often his struggles at the plate while manager Ron Gardenhire continues to play him. There used to be a lot of Web Gems with his glove, but in 2009, his arm strength seemed to be lacking. He has little power, which you would expect, but he has a great ability to take a lot of pitches, foul many off, and get on base. He is a team player, although he often struggles doing the ‘little things’ that he is often credited for doing. His insistence upon diving into first base infuriates many Twins fans. However, others appreciate his energy, hustle and effort. Going into the 2010 season, what will his role be? Will he be starting most of the time at third base, or will he return to a utility role? Will that include time in centerfield?
Yes, Andrew Kneeland had a great idea. Nick Punto has been an interesting topic for Twins fans for a half-dozen years. So, what are your thoughts on the Twins infielder on Nick Punto Day?


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