Right now is one of my favorite times of the year for trout fishing.  I like so many other trout fisherman love casting to rising trout.  Being able to see the fish actually take the fly definitely makes it more exciting for me.  This past weekend I was out at the Rush River in Wisconsin in the cold and drizzle and the weather did not slow the hatch down at all.  There were quite a few sections of the river where fish were constantly coming up to the surface. 

When I started out on the river many dun mayflies were floating on the surface, which appeared to be blue wing olives and sulphurs.  So I decided to start with a sulphur dun pattern.  After catching a few nice trout it appeared that the fish were taking emergers more than duns, so I switched to a sulphur emerger.  The emerger seemed too worked well for a while, but not the magic fly.  Even though the hatch was fairly prolific and constant, what the fish were taking definitely varied throughout the day.  I found that I was changing flies often from duns to emergers with varying color and all of them seemed to produce a few fish.

I ended the day not remembering how many trout I did catch.  It was a mixed bag of some small colorful brookies and the rest were brown trout.  It was a fun day of fishing and I hope to be able to get out soon and enjoy some good dry fly fishing. 

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