Minnesota Senior Linkage Line: 1-800-333-2433. Statewide information, advice and referral, including caregiver coaching.

MinnesotaHelp.Info: State website with information about health and social service programs, including caregiver coaching and a "Long Term Care Choices Navigator" Web tool to help analyze caregiving needs and develop a plan.

County social service agency: Check phone book or go to www.tinyurl.com/23gklcw. Agencies provide free long-term care consultation to determine an older person's needs and eligibility for public programs.

Family Caregiver Alliance: www.caregiver.org for caregiver advice and information about government programs and Family Care Navigator of state-by-state resources, including groups dealing with Alzheimer's, cancer and other diseases.

Benefits CheckUp: www.benefitscheckup.org, a service of the National Council on Aging, lets you plug in data to determine if an elder qualifies for some state or local programs.

Eldercare Locator: 1-800-677-1116 or www.eldercare.gov. Nationwide referral to local information and assistance.