Thieves are stealing Hondas and other vehicles from the streets and parking lots of north Minneapolis at nearly double last year’s pace.

Auto thefts are up significantly in the first two months of the year in the 4th Precinct, according to a Thursday afternoon police advisory. To date there have been 117 reported auto thefts in the 4th Precinct, as compared to 66 at this time last year.

Older model Hondas are the most likely to be stolen. Thirty nine percent of all vehicles stolen in the 4th Precinct this year are Hondas, followed by Chevys at 17 percent and Toyotas at 8.5 percent. Of the stolen Hondas, all are at least 12 years old. Seventy percent of all Hondas stolen in the 4th Precinct are at least 15 years old. Seventy eight percent of all cars stolen in the 4th Precinct are at least 10 years old.

Police say that many of the stolen cars are being scrapped or dismantled for parts. Police are asking residents to be alert for suspicious activity that may indicate that something is a “Chop Shop." Some indicators might include residential garages or open lots where many different cars are worked on, particularly during late night hours. If you suspect a chop shop in your neighborhood, please call the 4th Precinct Property Crimes Unit at 612-673-5714.