Age: 62, Party or principal: Count All Rankings, Job and title: Retired but working with the Occupy movement since October of 2011, editor of and Occupy!, Neighborhood: Powderhorn, Website:

Priority, if elected: I would make the elimination of poverty my first priority. I would use eminent domain to buy the 500-plus vacant foreclosed properties in Minneapolis and create cooperative, communal, co-housing and intentional communities to house our homeless and under-housed populations. I would create collective businesses built around the skills and interests of the participants while taking into account the market for the products or services. I would prioritize housing homeless youth, the mentally ill and the elderly. I think everyone has to work on global warming and the environment as that is the main problem facing our planet.

Ideas for job/population growth: Collectives, as above. I would have these businesses, and housing managed and owned by the workers and residents when possible. Grow population? Why?

Ideas to reduce crime: I would reduce crime by reducing the number of activities that are illegal such as nonviolent drug crimes and prostitution crimes by consenting adults.

Ideas to lower property taxes: I would raise property taxes, especially for those with a lot of property. I would provide services that the taxpayers will want to pay for.

Did you support or oppose the Minnesota Vikings stadium package, approved by the city in May 2012? I have no opinion on the need for a new stadium. I want the decision made by the voters as is required by the charter.

Should the city build a $200 million streetcar line along Nicollet and Central Avenues? No. I support Bob "Again" Carney's Transit Revolution and you and your paper should too.

Should the mayor be allowed to appoint some school board members? I don't know. I am undecided.

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