Obama vs. Clinton, they are not.

Two political opponents running for mayor in Hudson, Wis., have become allies, with one candidate publicly backing the other one.

Todd Erskine remains on the ballot for the April 1 election, although he says no longer wants the job. The ballots have already been printed, city officials say, making it too late for him to officially withdraw.

He filed papers to become a candidate in January, but decided to bow out after he got to know his competition better. Dean Knudson shares his vision for the city and has more time for the job, Erskine said.

"My whole life is depending upon Hudson doing well and being well perceived," Erskine said. "This is where I live and this is where I work. I wasn't about to let just anybody become mayor of this town."

"It took me a couple months to know enough about him to be comfortable -- that we really have the same agenda," he said. "I think we're like-minded in that we both love Hudson."

There is a chance, of course, that Erskine may still win.

What will he do if does?

"Oh, laugh and buy a big cigar," he said. Then, getting serious, he said if he were elected, he'd serve the city that chose him.

The current mayor, Jack Breault, is not seeking reelection after 14 years in office. During that time, Hudson has grown from a town of about 5,000 to a community of nearly 15,000.