The U.S. House is on a pace to finalize a contentious Commerce and Justice Department spending bill today full of GOP cost-cutting amendments, including one by Minnesota Republican Chip Cravaack eliminating funds for climate change education programs.
Cravaack positioned it Wednesday as an effort to eliminate duplicative global warming programs. Democrats waxed skeptical, casting it as part of an effort to deny climate change science.
Cravaack’s Washington spokesman, Michael Bars, declined to answer questions about Cravaack’s position on global warming.
But it turns out that Cravaack has gone public with his views on climate change before. In a March, 2010 interview with conservative Twin Cities radio talk show host Sue Jeffers, then-candidate Cravaack was asked about his views on global warming.
He replied, “One word, bunk. It’s built off of corrupt data and a corrupt NASA program. It’s bunk. It’s fallacy. There is absolutely no substantial evidence to prove that there is global warming.”
His comments on global warming can be heard at minute 7:25 in this clip:

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