A couple of weeks ago at my blog (SethSpeaks.net), I vowed not to discuss the Joe Mauer rumors anymore. I was not going to discuss any number of years, or the tens of millions of dollars. So, when a local TV personality talked about a ten year agreement, it intrigued me, but now it is a month later. A week ago when a local radio personality said he had a source claiming that Mauer would sign an eight year contract with two option years at an average of $22 million a year, I didn’t even really acknowledge it. Mauer’s agent was in Ft. Myers. And now Mauer’s agent has left Ft. Myers.
And here we sit, as Twins fans, still not sure what is going on and what is going to happen, if anything.
Let’s fast-forward a month. On April 5th, the Twins will open their 2010 season in California, playing the Angels. Will the Twins have signed their MVP catcher to a long-term contract?
If the answer to that question is No, Twins general manager Bill Smith will be bashed mercilessly. The Twins front office will be called names in the comment section of blogs that may or may not require editing and censorship.
In an offseason that the Twins front office should be very proud of, their Number One priority was to work out a long-term contract with Joe Mauer. Reality tells me that if they do not lock up Mauer, the front office will receive all of the blame.
But should they? Or should the blame be pushed in another direction. Some may want to blame Mauer’s agent, Ron Shapiro, but he is just working for his client. If Mauer wants to sign with the Twins, all he has to do is tell his agent to accept the deal.
How much blame would Joe Mauer get from Twins fans? My guess would be none. How much blame would Joe Mauer deserve? My opinion is that he should get plenty of blame.
Early in the offseason, Mauer claimed that he was not concerned with being one of the highest paid players in baseball. He said he wanted the team to show a commitment to winning. Can anyone say that the Twins have not done that? First, five division titles in eight years shows that not only are they committed to winning, but have an extended track record in doing just that. Second, the Twins front office acquired JJ Hardy in a trade, and then they signed free agents Clay Condrey, Jim Thome and Orlando Hudson.  They have spent money on player development, on the draft, and in international signings in an attempt to ensure winning over extended time.  
So now it is Mauer’s turn to commit. Does he want to play in Minnesota or does he want to make as much money as he can?  Mauer has earned the right to make that decision through his service time and incredible play.
If we get to April 5th and a deal is not done, it is important to remember that it is not the end of the world. In fact, at that point, the risk completely shifts to Mauer himself. And just because he becomes a free agent doesn’t mean he’s going elsewhere.
If a deal is not worked out, I have no problem with fans blaming the Twins front office. I get that. But I would hope that most Twins fans would also be able to realize that at least half of the blame belongs to Joe Mauer himself.
As Minnesotans, and Twins fans, can we find it in ourselves to blame Joe Mauer? I mean, you know, he is one of us, right? At least that’s what The Twins Geek and the Geek Chorus always say. We watched him grow up in state football and basketball tournaments and read about his high school baseball days at Cretin-Derham Hall. We have watched him remain soft-spoken and humble as he quickly was promoted through the Twins minor league system to the big leagues. We watched him win three batting titles, three Silver Slugger awards, two Gold Glove awards and his first MVP.
The Twins have offered him a huge amount of money, for presumably more years than they probably are wise to give. Can Minnesotans blame Joe Mauer if this deal doesn’t get done, or will it be the same old story and we’ll put the entire blame on the front office?
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