Morning from the frozen tundra of Edmonton.

Homework assignment time for my loyal readers and even those who just plain hate my guts (as hard to imagine as that is).

Reminds me of Seinfeld's mom: "How can anybody not like you? ... You're a wonderful, wonderful boy."

I'd like to do an "Ask Mike" Sunday column, so ... any questions about your favorite team as we hit the All-Star break? Leave 'em in the comment area, I'll snag a few and answer them in Sunday's paper (space permitting).

If you feel comfortable, add your first name and city you're from for the paper.

One rule: Short, snappy, serious questions so it's easy for me to pick em out. Then, this afternoon when I post my morning skate blog, you can go back to commenting and conversing with each other.  

I'll be honest: Opening up the Edmonton Journal this morning and reading my idol Jim Matheson's "Ask Matty" segment reminded me that I haven't done one of these in awhile

So, fire away!

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