“I Would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became an Icon” is apparently, among other things, a racy read.

Among those interviewed for the book by Touré — a music journalist, culture critic and author who is a co-host of MSNBC’s “The Cycle” — is a woman who claims to have been Prince’s former lover.

In a recent New York magazine article, Touré noted that Prince’s “gender bending wasn’t just for the stage. Those who know about Prince in bed know he was not afraid of a gender twoness. He loved women so much he sometimes mirrored femininity.

“A woman who had sex with Prince said: ‘He was the most patient man I’ve ever been with. The most sensitive, the most androgynous, the most balanced of male-female energy. He was the closest thing that I’ve had to having a woman.’ ”

Oh, my. Maybe it’s just the men I know, but I don’t know any guys who’d find that disclosure complimentary.

After reading it I fired off an e-mail to Touré to make sure I had correctly interpreted his information. He said I had.

Despite being a gender bender from way back, Prince has lately been saying and singing songs with homophobic overtones. So Symbolina is as perplexing as ever to me, although not so interesting as to make me buy a copy of the book, which came out in March. (And I get the idea that Touré — who seems to have no plans to have a Minnesota book-signing — might be a tad miffed by my lack of curiosity.)

Touré’s piece in New York mag includes a couple of photos of Prince from the early days, when he wore a pretty awesome Afro. These days there are those who suspect that the Afro Symbolina’s wearing is a wig.

The focus of the New York mag piece was about Questlove, who was a drummer for the Roots. In Questlove’s upcoming memoir, “Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove,” the drummer said he had a major rift with his mother, who liked to trash Prince’s music, literally.

“When Prince’s ‘1999’ [album] came out, it touched off a saga that lasted half a decade. I would say, conservatively, that I purchased that record eight times between 1982, when it first came out, and 1987, when I stopped getting punished for having it,” said Questlove.

The company he keeps

Lindsey Vonn reportedly let Tiger Woods go solo to buddy Michael Jordan’s second marriage on Saturday.

“Although she was invited, Olympic skier girlfriend Lindsey Vonn didn’t attend as [Tiger’s] plus-one, a source tells People” magazine.

Now Lindsey, you know this is going to lead to all kinds of crazy speculation about the status of your romance with Woods — although there are those on the Web claiming Tiger has asked Lindsey to move in, which can only mean their own big re-marriage day is on the horizon. (The first marriage is a wedding; a subsequent marriage is a re-marriage. And in both cases, Lindsey and Tiger would be re-marrying.)

TMZ had an interesting take on Woods’ attending Jordan’s marriage to model Yvette Prieto.

“Tiger Woods: Worst Wedding Guest of ALL-TIME,” screamed a TMZ.com headline, with accompanying text that read: “On a day meant to celebrate love, commitment, honesty and faithfulness ... Michael Jordan chose to invite the man who has come to symbolize the OPPOSITE of all that, Tiger Woods, to his wedding. Rookie move.”

Really, TMZ?

It’s doubtful that Jordan’s first wife, Juanita, hired a private investigator to follow Michael before her divorce filing because she thought he was spending too much time sneaking off to church.

And must I call TMZ’s attention to this from the Examiner.com: “According to a recent article in the National Enquirer, Elin Nordegren warned Michael Jordan’s fiancée Yvette Prieto that marrying him would be a big mistake, because it was Jordan who taught his golf buddy Woods how to cheat on his wife.”

TMZ ran a photo of Woods at Jordan’s ceremony that also included former Viking and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad. If you’ll remember, TMZ, the NY Post claims that Rashad’s marriage to millionaire and former model Sale Johnson hit a rocky spot because Johnson didn’t want Rashad hanging around with two buddies: Jordan and Woods.

Maybe the guys at TMZ will have it figured out before the women on the TV show make it plain.

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