WCCO-TV reporter Darcy Pohland was found dead in her Minneapolis home today, the station is reporting. She was 48.

The station said that Pohland was discovered by a personal care attendant at her home in Minneapolis. She had apparently died in her sleep. Her cause of death has not yet been determined.

A 20-year veteran of the station, Pohland was the intrepid quadriplegic who never let being in a wheelchair keep her away from a good story or her beloved Gopher sports.

According to her bio on the WCCO-TV website, Pohland "worked her way through the ranks to become one of the few quadriplegic TV reporters in the country. Darcy broke her neck in the summer of 1983 when she dove into the shallow end of swimming pool. With support and encouragement from friends, family, medical personnel and WCCO-TV staffers, she has built the career she always dreamed of but thought impossible after her accident."

Darcy Pohland was one of the sweetest souls I ever met, and I never saw her rolling without a smile, although I'm sure she had tough days. Never when she was covering anything related to athletics at the U, however.

Today say Ski-U-Mah for Darcy.

Come back for more details.

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