There’s a surprising element to Lindsey Vonn’s toilet seat down disclosure about Tiger Woods.

Listen closely. Hear that? So far no rumbling that he’s flipped out about the revelation.

“There’s really nothing about him that bothers me,” Vonn said in a People magazine interview in which she added a laugh, then this: “He doesn’t even leave the seat up! It’s awesome.” reacted with this headline: “Vonn shares TMI on Woods.” went typically vulgar by writing “Some [women] are easily impressed.” Bossip used a disrespectful term for women that does not apply to Vonn, so I’m not repeating it.

The disclosure demonstrates that despite having the nickname of a very wild animal, Woods is civilized, even sophisticated. He’s aware of his surroundings, sensitive to the reality that he’s not the only one using the 150 or so toilets at his various residences and the hotel suites where they lodge. It means that many men who’ve been feeling a certain superiority because of Tiger’s atrocious behavior during the marriage he destroyed are not better than him in this tiny area (and golf). If Tiger Woods additionally is the kind of man who chides male friends for leaving the seat up, that’s even better.

I’ve been repeatedly, pleasantly surprised that there have been no signs of Woods freaking out as Vonn continues to be herself, speaking her mind as she always has in interviews. It’s astonishing. Never forget that the golfer is pathologically private. Of course, maybe there’s a therapist who told him that that’s what led to that double life he once enjoyed.

Vonn, a Minnesota native and Olympic gold medalist, has resumed skiing for the first time since tearing up her knee in February, as she trains for Sochi 2014. Although she’s been a fixture at golf events, Vonn told People that Woods hopes to be in Sochi, depending on his schedule: “He’s kind of a fish out of water in the cold weather. It’s going to be really cute!”

Miss Ross was prompt

Diana Ross was reportedly on time for her performance at the Orpheum last week.

She should have been, because she arrived at the theater at least four hours before the show. I had not anticipated her being so diligent or I’d have been earlier than 6 p.m. to shoot video of her arrival.

“She started right on the dot, 8 o’clock,” said florist Roger Beck, who saw her in person for the first time.

I think Beck was aiming to see Miss Ross up close and personal around 4 p.m., when he arrived at the theater with expensive flowers. Security took him backstage but the woman who emerged from the dressing room to accept the arrangement he had orders to make “white and green, low and lush” was not Ross, but apparently her assistant. The arrangement included “big, huge white roses, white lilies, white hydrangea, mini callas, Celosia and green Dianthus.” Beck delivered them himself because “I wanted to make sure they got there, perfectly, in one piece.”

I can believe that, if not Beck’s review of Ross’ performance, because reedy voices don’t age well: “She really did sound good. I thought she sounded the same as she always sounded. She was terrific. She was beautiful. She had tremendous gowns that had everyone going wild. The people in the front row were going crazy. You saw their mouths going and they knew the words to every song she sang. It was fun to watch.”

Wentworth Miller’s peepers

“Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller’s eyes have apparently always had it, if you were looking for orbs to sandblast into a glass insert.

Three years ago Blasted Art Inc. owner Kerry Dikken installed a decorative lighting element into his living room floor. He wanted it to feature a set of eyes. “I did general searches for eyes. It took me forever. Eyes are usually too round, too spooky looking when you crop them,” Dikken told me. “I looked and looked and looked. Then I saw these eyes; the perfect eyes that don’t look creepy.”

I didn’t know why Miller’s name rang a bell when he recently made news by deciding not to go to a Russian film festival because of the country’s oppressive laws regarding gays. That is, until I got an e-mail from my friend Kerry that read: “You know whose eyes are in my floor? Wentworth Miller’s.”

Dikken duplicated the lighting element in the floor of a Bloomington bathroom for an upcoming episode of DIY’s “Bath Crashers.” Only this time, no Miller eyes.


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