In a flimsy attempt to win points in a dispute over whether those wedding gifts should be returned, Kim Kardashian has sicced her bobo on Kris Humphries.

A Humphries source told Us Weekly and TMZ that the NBA player, who's engaged in a divorce/annulment court fight (and settlement talks) with his 72-Day Wife, is adamant that his future ex should return their wedding gifts because the wedding itself was fraudulent. Humphries is seeking an annulment on the grounds that the marriage was a fraud perpetrated upon him.

At the same time, Us Weekly noted that Humphries applauds the generosity of Kardashian for reportedly making a $200,000 donation to the Dream Foundation. Kardashian gave the donation in lieu of returning the gifts.

Into this dispute hops Jonathan Cheban, Kardashian's BFF, onetime PR person and yet another obnoxious reality TV star.

Cheban told TMZ that Humphries was a hypocrite because the NBA star never offered to give back a $5,000 YSL gift card that Cheban gave Kris.

Timeout: Why is Kim's BFF giving Kris an expensive gift card in the first place?

Hollywood types -- I'll never understand them. (Since they probably don't understand me either: In Minnesota we call somebody's friend who essentially plays the role of chump and yes man a bobo.)

According to a Humphries source of mine, near as Kris can recall the YSL gift card in question is at Kardashian's L.A. home. Humphries was also unclear about whether the gift card was a wedding gift. Altruistic as Kardashian is, if she finds a $5,000 gift card without a name on it around her house, she probably sits right down to write a check to charity.

Speaking of which, if Kim's wedding booty included a luxury automobile, does Kim owe the Dream Foundation more money?

Any confusion over the car could be cleared up the instant Kardashian complies with a request by Humphries' lawyers that she provide a complete itemized list of every wedding present received. My sources tell me that Kardashian is dragging her Manolos about delivering this list.

Since Cheban has time to call TMZ and report about a $5K YSL gift card, maybe Jonathan should help Kim compile that itemized list of wedding gifts?

I'm told that Humphries' side even has no objection to TMZ posting the list first.

In the meantime, let's provide a little public service of our own here: If you were one of Humphries' wedding guests or family members with questions about the gift you gave, contact Kris' attorney. Same goes for those guests invited by Kardashian.

Expert weighs in

In November, Minneapolis Civility & Etiquette Centre prez Laura Barclay told me precisely what Kim Kardashian should do with those gifts.

"Etiquette guidelines are that if you are married less than a year, then you should return the gifts to the gift-giver," said Barclay, co-author of "The Power of Civility."

The etiquette-challenged Kardashian can't probably understand someone with manners who lives near Yee Haw, so here are a couple other opinions from ABC's "The View" on Tuesday.

Sherri Shepherd: "Kim said she knew before she got married this was not going to work. I think when the guests came in, those gifts should have been right there on their chairs."

Whoopi Goldberg: "If you know where it [the gift] came from, give it back. You don't need it."

Astonishingly, Barbara Walters, someone I think of as being a paragon of civility and etiquette with the ability to find out information, was uncertain what the right course was for Kardashian. I'm sure Barclay would gladly take Walters' phone call on the subject.

Gift for George Lucas

Twin Cities artist Donald Walker says: "I could draw your dreams. But I get bored with illustrating."

For something a little more challenging, the former graphic artist for this newspaper from 1979 to 1982 likes "to abstract." He recently showed off some of his artwork, both graphic and colorfully abstract, at the Basilica of St. Mary's Pope John XXIII Gallery and Teresa of Calcutta Hall.

Among the less colorful pieces is a mixed-media pencil work of Tuskegee Airmen who were members of the Atlanta, Ga., squadron.

Walker is planning to send off a copy of that piece to filmmaker George Lucas, who spent his own money to make "Red Tails," a movie about the airmen, when Hollywood wasn't willing to finance it.

To see what Lucas is getting, check Walker's show at

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