Twin Cities broadcasting personality Tony Fly launches his new platform Monday at 11 p.m. when “On the Fly” debuts on My29.

This show will air Monday through Friday at 11 p.m. and again at 8 a.m. the following day. It’s an hourlong, fast-paced mash-up of popular culture, TMZ style, with a hint of news from sister station FOX 9.

“It’ll be like hanging out with your friends and goofing on what’s going on in the news,” said Tony, an alum of KDWB-FM and FM 96.3, where there was also a TV component to the radio show.

His “On The Fly” co-hosts are longtime producer Dan Edwards and FOX 9 traffic reporter Kelsey Soby. “We’re going to be very interactive with our viewers and give a lot of advice,” said Edwards. Soby said, “You know those one or two stories from each [entertainment] show out there where you walk away thinking that was funny, the stuff people are talking about? Our whole show is those stories.”

I did a chemistry test with the hosts and got some interesting insights from Soby and the guys about whether they are having a “bromance.”


Q: Tony, are you becoming the face of My29, or is that still C. More?

A: C. More is still the face of My29. I am the butt of My29.


Q: Is Tony Fly’s Twitter account ghostwritten or does he compose his tweets? (I showed them a copy of an e-mail I received from Dan that seemed to indicate that he monitors Tony’s account and responds.)

Tony: You’re not going to critique my grammar? Let me explain the concept of forwarding to you: I just didn’t want to respond to you. Doesn’t mean I didn’t read it.


Q: Which one of you is most likely to be tardy? [The day of this interview, Kelsey was late.]

Tony: Me, for sure.


Q: Dan, you and Tony worked together at KDWB and then at every incarnation of 96.3 the past seven years. Why?

Dan: I don’t know.


Q: Did you appreciate the irony of white guys in Minnesota running an urban radio station?

Dan: [Laughter] I did. And especially big fat white guys.


Q: Kelsey, is there a bromance going on between Tony and Dan?

Kelsey: The nicest thing I’ve heard [Tony] say to Dan is that Dan makes [Tony] look good. It’s nice that they have this brotherly thing going on, because when I get paid to baby-sit, I get double the rate for two kids.


Q: Have they started coordinating their clothes like Bradley Cooper and Gerard ­Butler did at Wimbledon?

Kelsey: You can’t coordinate with this. [You have to see the video of what Dan is wearing to fully appreciate this.]


Q: What will your workday be like now?

Kelsey: I’m getting here at 3 a.m., doing the early morning news. Sticking with the morning show doing the traffic, filling in, in various positions, as I have since I got here. And then I’ll move into Zone 2 of the day, talking to these guys, laughing a lot. We’ll be doing some creative work and then this show, and then we meet and I get out of here about 1 o’clock and if you count the time spent trying to drop my new album, so be it. It’s a long day, dropping mad rhymes.


Q: Since you’re the traffic reporter, I want to know which one of these guys is the better driver?

Kelsey: I have not [ridden with either], but I’ve had the pleasure of driving one of them home after a night out at the bars.

Tony: Wasn’t me.


Q: Who is the “One Take Jake” in the trio?

Kelsey: Never screws up? That’s an interesting question. There is [one] more likely to admit there was a screwup and then there is [one] who thinks the first time it was said was right so [he shouldn’t] have to do it over again.

Tony: Screwing up is a matter of opinion. You might call it a screwup. I’ll end it with “That was good, we’ll use that.”


Q: Kelsey, what’s the most frequently asked question about Tony Fly?

Kelsey: That guy’s still alive? [Tony and Dan laughed.]


Interviews are edited. C.J. can be contacted at and can be seen on FOX 9, at which she’ll ask Soby next time if she’s really working on an album.