KSTP-TV anchor Vineeta Sawkar is finished making pregnancy announcements.

Her additional contributions to the population will not be missed around Channel 5's newsroom, where there's been a virtual baby boom.

Case in point: Leah McLean had labor induced Wednesday to facilitate the arrival of her first baby, a girl, Grace Evelyn. Congrats.

"It started with Jessica Miles last year, who had No. 2 in July 2011," said news director Lindsay Radford. "Then it went to Megan Newquist, who had twins in October 2011. Then it went to Jennifer Copeland, who's now left -- her husband was transferred -- who had hers in December [2011]. And amazing as it sounds, Jessica is pregnant again. Jessica begins the circle and ends the circle. She's due in October."

This will be Miles' third child. No. 3's arrival means Miles will have three kids under the age of 3 running around the home she shares with her husband, Cory Kampschroer. He's the digital media manager who runs the Web department out of the newsroom. A couple of months ago someone told me the newsroom joke is that you don't want to shake Kampschroer's hand. Another insider suggested it was the water, but we all know that's true.

With so many KSTPers feeling the need to procreate, I called Sawkar to find out her plans.

"There will be nooo announcement," said Sawkar. "You know they're all kind of at that age. I'm kind of old. Past that. I'm done. I have a 9-year-old and an 11-year-old and we're having a blast. I love my life."

"I'm running," Sawkar volunteered, moving unexpectantly to the fitness portion of our conversation. "I ran a 10-mile last October. I could probably do a few more sit-ups. Do I need to do sit-ups, is that what you're telling me?"

Most definitely not, given what the mirrors at my house tell me.

Rubio's riding it out

Lush eyelashes are the only possible excess baggage on Timberpup Ricky Rubio.

But there he sits, reclining on a luggage carousel in an empty airport, watching a basketball game on the TV monitor in this picture from his Twitter.com account, at www.startribune.com/a1320.

His injured knee is in a brace. This looks like a fresh pic, so he's obviously not watching Timberwolves action.

'Tchau,' Alessandro

With the word "bizarre," ABC's "Bachelorette" Emily Maynard dispatched the Minnesotan.

Maynard wasn't even talking about grain trader Alessandro Goulart's Justin Bieber haircut gone as mad as the Biebs when blocked by paparazzi.

Alessandro, Alessandro. You had to know you were not helping yourself?

I'm not suggesting you should've lied during Monday night's show when Maynard's friends, brought in to interrogate the guys, asked if you'd ever cheated (answer: yes) or had a one-night stand (answer: yes).

But come on, man. When you're on the installment of "The Bachelorette" that is unique because it features the franchise's first single mother, you don't call the ready-made family aspect of the situation "a compromise" that you'll have to make for your work and personal life.

Maynard tried to figure out if they were having a language barrier. They were not, even though Goulart is from Brazil.

"My conversation with Alessandro was one of the most bizarre conversations I've had," Maynard told TV viewers. She applauded his honesty but had to send him packing because she considers her young daughter a bonus and not something akin to additional baggage.

Alessandro didn't look like a good candidate even before he started removing feet from his mouth, five times by my count.

Georgia fitness guy Ryan Bowers was my boy. I was even willing to ignore how much time Ryan apparently spends on his hair until promos that suggest he's only there to set himself up to be the next "Bachelor," at which time we'll be charmed by how he surrenders his heart.


Honey Badger doesn't care

The voice of the Honey Badger may not care about an accurate résumé.

Page 39 of the May issue of Minnesota Monthly features celebrities who have fake degrees with Minnesota connections.

Among them "Randall: The mono-monikered comedian behind the viral Honey Badger video," writes the monthly about the comedian who "claims to have attended 'St. Olaf's College' (sic), but the school disagrees. Nasty." The magazine surmised that "the Los Angeles-based phenom simply digs Betty White, whose Golden Girls character hailed from the fictional St. Olaf, Minnesota."

Look for Good Look today

Good Look Ink, the Edina cosmetic hair replacement business, is scheduled to be featured on "Good Morning America" Thursday during the 7 a.m. hour.

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