New York Yankees weren’t the only celebrities exiting the Grand Hotel on July 4th.

A crowd of fans and autograph hounds, professional, amateur and apparently in training, were waiting for Derek Jeter to leave the hotel when a Hollywood couple made their escape to a waiting vehicle.

Peter Krause, a Minnesotan, and his significant other, Lauren Graham, left the hotel while I was shooting video. The actors are co-stars on NBC’s “Parenthood.”

Graham was pulling up the rear while Krause was leading the way to their vehicle. Their hotel exit, which took them in the opposite direction of where the autograph fans were corralled, would have been clean had I not been there.

I asked Krause, who was smiling, if he liked the Yankees but couldn’t understand his response. Graham was not smiling, not talking, not waving, not acknowledging anyone in the seconds I saw her, as you can see on my

I assume if they were at the Yankees-Twins game, their faces got plastered on the jumbo screen?

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