There won't be a Tiger Woods chapter in criminal profiler Pat Brown's next book, but because her advice on noncriminals also is much valued by TV news programs, I asked for her expert opinion on the philandering athlete of the decade.

Brown, who divides her time between Minnesota and D.C., where The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency is based, said that in May, "The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths," is scheduled to be released by Hyperion Voice. Reader's Digest has already optioned a chapter.

The book is, in part, about "my unusual entrance into the field," she said, as "an over-40-year-old female without a law enforcement background and with a liberal arts degree. The rest of the book is going to have all these different cases that I've worked on, peculiarities. It's [a book] that shows how the profiler thinks. I go through all the profiling aspects of the case and all the evidence and help people figure out what happened in the case. Very interesting, and a lot of fun. Nothing's been done like that before."

Brown is also "very, very proud" of a five-course certificate program in Criminal Profiling and Investigative Analysis developed for Excelsior College, online and in Albany, N.Y., where she has been an adjunct professor. A 2010 publicity campaign is in the works to attract law enforcement types and others interested in this field.

Moving from the criminal mind to the minds of people who behave egregiously, Brown said there's a common denominator: arrogance.

The profiler who never minces words on NBC, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CNN or CBS when talking about Paris Hilton, Gov. Mark Sanford and Georgia's "Runaway Bride," Jennifer Wilbanks had some typically blunt insights into Woods, who may be on an infidelity break awaiting possible divorce papers from his poor wife, Elin Nordegren.

"He's not a serial killer, he's a serial driller," Brown said, laughing.

"You get a high level of arrogance. You think you ride above it all. You are untouchable," Brown said of those who engage in such pursuits. "And it's interesting. Look how long he's gotten away with this. It's not that people didn't know; everybody knew in that segment of society what Tiger's been up to [off the golf course]. It hasn't been a hidden thing. He got careless.

"We see that with serial killers. In the beginning of their serial killing, they are careless because they don't know any better. Then they get smart and they're careful. And then they get so arrogant, so used to doing it, they stop paying attention to what they're doing and they get caught.

"I think Tiger's the same way. He got to the point he was doing it so much, he just got more and more careless. He thought he was completely untouchable."

On Monday, on, I'll share more of Brown's riveting analysis of this terrible Tiger.

KSTP to Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera English flew correspondent Todd Baer into Minnesota for four hours on Thursday to interview Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.

A former KSTP-TV reporter, Baer hired the cameraman with whom he worked on his first Channel 5 story, Monty Stuempert, to shoot the Ellison interview, which will be viewable at and

"I want to know what he's done for the people of Gaza," Baer said. "The one-year anniversary of the Gaza War, Al Jazeera is doing a big special. He [Ellison] came to Gaza in February. The reality on the ground today is that people are still living in tents. Rebuilding has not been allowed to resume because of an Israeli blockade that has cut off Gaza from the outside world. We're here to follow up and find out what is it that Congressman Ellison has done, kind of hold their feet to the fire. Gaza's always been a land of broken promises. You've got to be careful about the promises you make."

Baer had promised to call me the next time he was in town and (wonder upon wonders, Lee Hawkins Jr.) Todd called, and we had beverages at The Loon.

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