Tweaking NBA champ Dwyane Wade’s conundrum over how to explain to his sons the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial in ­Florida prompted interesting e-mails after Tuesday’s column. Wade’s tweet still strikes me as doltish, because he didn’t just recently become a black man in America.

Time for a little back-and-forth with readers.


“After reading your article regarding Adrian Peterson’s classy tweet following the trial, you proceeded to go on about how Dwyane Wade tweeted: ‘Wow! Stunned!! Saddened as a father!! Som1 make sense of this verdict for me right now please!!! … How do I explain this to my boys?’ Wade’s children will never have the life even close to that of Trayvon Martin’s. They have been born into a life of possibilities and many advantages that Trayvon would not have had; the money alone sets them apart. Do you think that just because someone’s race, no matter their financial situation, would make them equal. I think that sets people apart far greater than the color of their skin,” wrote Samantha F.

Samantha: You’re right about Wade’s kids having advantages Martin might never have had, but you’re wrong about most of what you wrote. Zimmerman knew nothing about Martin’s economic status when he presumed the kid was a miscreant.


“Do any of these black ­athletes tweet at all about any of the other murders of young black males in Chicago or any other city for that matter? Do they even know or follow the constant killings of young black men all over the country? Just curious. It seems as though they could do more than just single out [a] high profile case that has grabbed so much media attention. I would think that every death is tragic … not just one case involving a young black man and a person of Hispanic background,” wrote Tom K.

Tom: You won’t find me justifying or explaining away the rate at which black folks in Chicago are killing each other. However, I doubt these deaths are the result of racial profiling or racial bias.

I encourage you and Samantha to watch a repeat of Tuesday night’s @AC360 Town Hall on “Race and ­Justice.” For my money, nobody made more poignant, salient points in less time — 1 minute 29 seconds — than BET editorial brand manager Michaela Angela Davis.

Here’s the link — — to Davis discussing Zimmerman deciding that Trayvon didn’t belong in that neighborhood and how the jurors couldn’t identify with the kid, although had Zimmerman been following the women jurors they would have thought what Trayvon probably did: This creepy man might be trying to hurt me. Davis said that the day a Zimmerman says to a Trayvon, Son, are you lost? May I help you get home? will be the day we’re making progress.

WCCO’s talent

“I thought you wrote a very informative column about Jamie [Yuccas] and Jason [DeRusha]. I think Jamie is a Jeanette Trompeter clone, although not as talented. Now ’CCO-TV has a cadre of screeching blondes. Jason probably thinks he is bound for a bigger market or the network, as Ben Tracy was. I have noticed that [former morning anchors] Angela [Davis] and Mike B[inkley] now do some reporting, and they are very good at it. I especially like their stories, because I do not have to listen to another screeching blonde.” - Samarra S.


“It seems they are going for a YOUNG, WHITE, SLENDER & BLONDE team. How can they remove Angela Davis and keep that goofy weather gal with the nasal voice who talks to us like we’re on Romper Room? I really like Jason, but I don’t think removing Angela will move you up in the ratings!” - Pamela P.


Amelia[Santaniello, main anchor] has nothing to worry about [from Jamie Yuccas]. The only real big timer of all the blondes they keep hiring is Lauren Casey, the weekend weather bombshell. What is she doing hanging out here anyway?” - Scott S.


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