Tina O hasn't returned my text or acknowledged my Twitter quip since she started running with Mel Gibson.

But her gorgeous friend Tamara Taylor, an acupuncturist in the Minnetonka area last I heard, made sure I got pictures from Gibson's dinner Thursday at Wayzata's Blue Point restaurant.

Blue Point, Maynard's, Mall of America, Nordstrom Cafe, Minnesota Zoo, Manny's Steakhouse and Monte Carlo are among the places I can confirm Gibson visited while getting the Tina O tour of the Twin Cities.

Letoilemagazine.com quoted event producer Vilay Dethluxay about an exchange she reportedly had with Mad Max: "So, I just had Mel Gibson tell me he wanted my girlfriend to rip my shirt off and that we should fight in the streets outside of the Monte Carlo tonight. Yep. Just another night in Mpls." Dethluxay further described Gibson as wearing "this button-up shirt unbuttoned to show his chest hair [where] a silver chain necklace was nestled."

Letoilemagazine.com also has a photo of Gibson at Maynard's, where he reportedly "jumped out of his seat and on the backs of our chairs to tell a joke" to fellow diners.

It was mostly fun and games while Gibson and his toddler daughter vacationed in the metro with their tour guides, Tina O and her husband, Brad Hillstrom, the former Minnesotans who moved to L.A. five years or so ago.

But alas, one sour note has been alleged.

Justin Pruden, a guy who collects autographs but has insisted to me that he's not an autograph broker, claimed in an e-mail that he "briefly met Mel Gibson at Manny's Saturday night and it wasn't a good experience."

From what Pruden wrote me he was boring Gibson with the minutiae of a California trip a couple of years ago during which Justin took photos with Mel. Now he wanted the photos autographed. "He looked at me and walked past me like I wasn't even there," wrote Pruden. "I tried to walk with him to tell him the whole story about going to see him at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and then the man who was with [Gibson] arrogantly told me to 'get lost.'"

Ah, better to just ask for the autograph than to try to make an emotional connection. Celebrities tire of everybody trying to have a moment.

Gibson was telling people that his visit was a getaway with his 2-year-old daughter, Lucia. Lucia is Gibson's child with former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, whose relationship with the actor-director revealed his ugly side in audio recordings.

By all reports Gibson was a doting dad. (He's had practice as the father of seven children from his 31-year marriage to Robyn Moore, whose divorce settlement was $425 million.) One source told me that Gibson seemed to be handling the child all by himself, but a second source has confirmed what I suspected: There was a nanny.

As I've had time to think about the Gibson-Tina O friendship, I've recalled that more than once she has told me she and her husband had movie projects he wanted to produce. That's something with which Gibson could assist.

I think a movie about Tina O and Brad would be fascinating, Mel.

Sacking the 'Superstar'

Calling into KFAN's "Vikings Forever" show Tuesday night, former Vikings center Kirk Lowdermilk pricked that Mike Morris "Superstar" ego.

Morris is a former Vikings long snapper who now hosts KFAN's morning show, where he's branded himself "Superstar."

While talking to Mark Rosen, the WCCO-TV sports anchor who hosts "Vikings Forever," Lowdermilk recalled that the last time he saw Morris, Mike introduced himself as "Superstar."

Rosen quipped that Morris, who maintains a physique to rival the Hulk, has big arms.

Lowdermilk added this zinger: "Looks like Tarzan, played like Jane."

That boy's got style

Tim Gunn was delighted to see his "Fashion Bible" co-author Ada Calhoun at the Mall of America when he was there signing the book Monday.

Gunn wasn't expecting to see Calhoun and her son Oliver, 6. The "Project Runway" fashion mentor gushed about how he couldn't have gotten the book done without Calhoun's contributions.

Oliver declined the invitation to come on stage. Instead, while Mom was briefly on stage with Gunn, Oliver delighted MOA PR coordinator Sarah Schmidt.

That outfit is put together perfectly, Schmidt said Oliver told her. She said the kid's commentary about her eggplant colored dress, an orange necklace from H & M and leopard pattern high heels "made my day."

When Schmidt told Calhoun what her son had said, the mom and author replied: Uncle Tim has taught him well.

Calhoun told me she planned her trip to Minnesota to see relatives to coincide with Gunn's appearance at the MOA. Oliver anxiously tugged at his mom because there were rides with his name on them at Nickelodeon Universe.

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