Lindsey Vonn is still hanging with Tiger Woods.

Those stories about Woods and ex-wife Elin Nordegren reuniting for the kids now seem inaccurate with the fresh photos on the Web of the Olympic ski champ and champion golfer arriving or leaving, on separate golf carts, at his yachtly lair, “Privacy.” There was also the TMZ photo of a woman on crutches, who looked like injured Vonn from the back, getting on Tiger’s private jet for a flight from Austria to the USA, where she is rehabbing.

You don’t expose a woman to your jet and yacht unless you’re trying to impress her. doesn’t get it: “This is an odd pairing but it seems to be working for Tiger, he’s currently ranked No. 2 in the world. As for Vonn, well, this seems to be a luxurious way for her to recover from her recent knee injury.”

Now read this, Yardbarker: Tiger likes them blonde and athletic. Elite athletes are drawn to each other because they understand the extreme commitment to training. Tiger’s rehabbed a knee. He likes his relationships kept private (as countless women could attest until they decided to confess). Once Vonn got the shut-it-up memo, she wouldn’t even give NBC’s Matt Lauer a heads-up.

And Tiger’s winning again. Maybe he thinks Vonn is a lucky charm.

The New York Post claims Nordegren is dating a gazillionaire coal magnate, Chris Cline, owner of Foresight Energy.

I’m an unabashed Nordegren fan, but if Elin’s truly finished with her hopefully reformed Liger, a Minnesotan might as well have him. Limp on, Lindsey! How long is it going to take for you to get Tiger to put a ring on it?

Prince apologized

Prince has reportedly apologized for breaking Roots guitarist Captain Kirk Douglas’ instrument and is paying for repairs.

In a Tweet, Kirk wrote, “For the record, Prince did apologize. His people reached out and made arrangements to take care of damages. Guitar’s in the shop,” according to

How belatedly adult of Prince; didn’t see that coming. After performing his final song on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Prince chucked the guitar that Douglas had loaned to him.

You don’t throw that which is not yours. I wrote that. Similarly, quoted Living Colour’s Vernon Reid’s Twitter account: “Prince needs to write a CHECK. Smash SOMEONE ELSE’S 60’S ERA GUITAR & WALK AWAY?! NOPE. Talent, even a SUPREME LEVEL like PRINCE’S doesn’t give him THE RIGHT TO DO THAT.”

Maybe now e-mailer “Marcia Loud” will get off my back: “R u racist or do u get off on slamming Prince for a behavior everyone has at some point, even u. Get off your high horse and show some respect.”

In other e-mail exchanges, “Loud” asserted that I should not criticize Prince because we are both black! “I’m ashamed of being a black American after dealing with u,” she wrote.

I’ve never done black for black’s sake well and neither has Prince. Right and wrong have no color.

Sterger overhauls body

Jenn Sterger decided her breast friends were attracting the wrong guys.

Sterger told “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush that’s why she had them surgically deflated.

You may recall Sterger, a former Jets sideline reporter, bringing undesired media scrutiny to Brett Favre’s tenure with the Vikings after alleged that during the QB’s time with the Jets he sexted an inappropriate photo to her.

Bush asked Sterger if the Favre situation inspired her to re-evaluate choices she made, including having breast-enhancement surgery.

“It definitely played into that,” said Sterger, who told Bush she never led Favre on. “It was one of those things that I realized they were bringing the wrong kind of attention. … Taking out my implants was one of the first things that I did to kind of fight against [stereotypes].”


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