Kris Humphries' parents have had second thoughts about divorce before, so maybe there's a chance this time.

TMZ broke the sad news Sunday that the NBA player's mom, Debra Humphries, filed for divorce earlier this month from William Humphries. This is not the first hiccup in that marriage. According to Hennepin County records, in June of 2005 Kris' dad filed for divorce. They later reconciled.

TMZ noted that "William owns several Five Guys Burgers and Fries throughout Minnesota." That means there'll be a pile of cheddar to divide if they are really kaput.

In a November column written on the heels of Kim Kardashian's surprise Halloween filing for divorce from Kris, I reported that the Humphrieses had been married at least 30 years and Kris has grandparents who'd been married 60 years. That detail was given to explain what I was hearing as to why the NBAer had hopes of reconciling with his 72 Day Wife.

"It's unclear how long the couple was married but ... it was definitely longer than 72 days," wrote TMZ. "It's pretty ironic ... Kris is fighting a divorce because he says it goes against his religious beliefs. Perhaps it's time to take a cue from mom."

Well, I certainly hope Kris holds out on finalizing his dissolution from Kardashian until he gets exactly what he wants: an annulment, not a divorce. Despite Kardashian's protestations to the contrary, it looks as though she married him as a way of giving her reality TV show a story line. Had Kris known this was a ratings stunt, do you really think he'd have been so disingenuous as to fly his family's Minnesota pastor out to California to officiate a circus charade?

Since Kris has said in court documents that he suspects Kardashian of perpetrating a fraud against him, it's only fair that this marriage not count against him as a divorce, which is her preferred mode of dissolution.

As for his parents' marriage, since their 2005 marital interruption, it's my understanding that William Humphries has been dedicated to making Debra Humphries feel secure. If there's a way to work this out and go the distance after 30 years, I hope they find it.

Incidentally, Monday would have marked Kris and Kim's first wedding anniversary had they lasted 365 days.

Target mascot gets bling

Target's four-legged mascot Bullseye is sporting blinged out collars that were made in Minnesota.

Kent and Lee Begnaud of Leather Works Minnesota, based in St. Paul Park, were hired to make collars and leashes for the bull terriers who are Bullseye. (By the way, LWM just got hired for a huge job with another world-famous brand, but I am sworn to secrecy for now.)

"They were, I guess, looking for a Minnesota company to make the dogs' collars," said Lee. One of the collars is blinged out more than the others. "It's got rhinestones for the bullseye. A couple of the collars just have the embossed imprint of the Target logo. There is silver foil on the nameplate dangle. 'City Target' are the words on the dangle."

Leather Works cannot duplicate the collars for your pooch. "That's totally exclusive. That can only be for Target," said Lee, whose company was making dog collars before they got this business from Target.

"Target has one main bull terrier that we use for the majority of events. However, we do have a second bull terrier that also plays the role of Bullseye," Jessica Deede of Target PR tells me.

The bull terriers live in California.

Leo Howard at MOA

Todd Howard, co-star of Spike TV's "World's Worst Tenant," was very excited about seeing Jerome Benton on the plane ride to the Twin Cities.

Howard and his wife, Spike TV co-star Randye Howard, came to Minnesota with their Disney XD "Kickin' It" star son Leo Howard for his Saturday appearance at the Mall of America.

Todd Howard told me he recognized Benton and couldn't stop saying "Jerome," he was so excited by the sighting. "He's got the same personality and everything" as on TV, Todd said about the member of the Time, who acted as Morris Day's stage valet.

I have not been able to independently confirm that Benton was in town over the weekend. But he may be around next month if a stage production he's reportedly working on comes to fruition.

I can confirm that Leo Howard has lovely parents and that his dad is at least as much of a character as Benton is.

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