Interesting, isn't it, the timing of what appears to be Brett Favre's latest I-am-Hamlet-your-indecisive-QB routine.

Could a reported sexting scandal have anything to do with Favre's ankle causing him so much pain that he's unsure he can live up to the second of his two-year multimillion-dollar deal with the Vikings?

A.J. Daulerio, editor-in-chief of the racy sports website, broke a spicy little piece Thursday about alleged phone calls and sexting messages showing off a part of the QB's body that is best left inside his uniform or trousers, unless Favre is walking around the lockerroom or his wife, Deanna Favre.

A woman who bears a striking resemblance to Mrs. Favre told Daulerio about her interactions with Favre when he was QB of the Jets while she was an in-house sideline reporter.

Jenn Sterger, a former Florida State cheerleader who has posed for Maxim and Playboy, "has kept a ridiculously disturbing (but HILAROUS) secret about her interactions with the Gunslinger while they were both part of the Jets organization," wrote Daulerio. The sports writer even claims to have heard one of the voice mails from Favre. The content was not that incriminating unless you're a wife who doesn't think your husband, a professional athlete, should schmooze another woman about her good looks. Especially a woman that the Mrs. probably doesn't know.

According to Daulerio, the inappropriate communication continued then escalated into what Sterger claims were sexting photos from Favre, wearing a wrist watch we have all seen on TV and a pair of Crocs. Sounds like a croc.

To Sterger's immense credit, she rebuffed Favre's advances. Finally, however, Sterger had enough and told Daulerio she was ready "to expose this dude for the creepy" guy he is.

Our Brett 2009 does not sound to me like the kind of guy who would do this.

When he was a younger player, too busy doing whatever to marry the mother of his first child, yeah, maybe. But not now. Not since Brett has appeared to cherish Deanna so much more after her battle with breast cancer. (Of course, I'm the chump who believed all those sweet nothings former Sen. John Edwards said about "Elizabeth, the love of my life" and cancer survivor.

Still, I sent an e-mail this morning seeking a comment from Brett. Stories like this probably would make anybody leaning towards the privacy of retirement from the NFL choose to drift away instead.

Read Daulerio's story, which is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY, at was getting savaged Thursday afternoon by Favre fans outraged about Daulerio reporting sexting photo the writer had not apparently seen. The website is unabashed and having way too much fun with this. It posted a photo-shopped picture of a rooster wearing a green No. 4 jersey and Crocs,

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