As of Monday Kris Humphries still didn’t have herpes, according to his lawyer, who won an important ruling against the Los Angeles woman claiming that the NBAer gave her the STD.

As I wrote in September 2012, Kayla Goldberg’s California lawsuit named Humphries as a defendant along with “John Does 1-4, individuals.” Humphries has denied leaving Goldberg with an unpleasant reminder of what he has admitted was a one-night stand.

In May, a California judge ruled that Humphries didn’t have to keep an appointment to have his blood drawn as arranged by Goldberg’s team.

“Motion for the physical examination of defendant, Kris Humphries, filed on 4/30/14 is DENIED,” reads Superior Court Judge Gregory Keosian’s order. It said Goldberg “has not demonstrated either that the test results are directly relevant … or a compelling need to justify the intrusion into Defendant’s privacy rights. A positive blood test for the antibody taken in 2014 would not lead to a fair resolution of claims [from 2010].”

Zelle Hofmann attorney Lee Hutton III told me, “We are very pleased with the court’s ruling. … We are asking the court, in light of this ruling, to dismiss the case July 24 …. Celebrities should not tolerate this vile invasion of privacy; the court agreed.

“In California, if you look at the history of these cases [celebrities just settle] for high dollars just to get it out of their faces,” said Hutton. “We took a very aggressive position because Minnesota does have good attorneys, [he laughed] we’re just not going to tolerate this. So we fought back. … After we win this case, the question is who she will go after next? She did not give us the names of those John Does; we think she has to …. If you are going to point fingers in a case like this, you should only be able to point one.”

Calling from L.A., attorney Rob Hennig said, “Mr. Humphries keeps denying that he infected Kayla Goldberg with herpes, yet, strangely won’t offer the appropriate blood test to prove it.”

Asked about the inclusion of John Does in her lawsuit, Henning said, “You’ve been talking to my worthy opponent. Look, John Does are normally added to a lawsuit, as a precautionary measure, to ensure you are suing the right person.”

Was Goldberg sleeping with a lot of guys during this time? “The straight-up answer is that Ms. Goldberg is alleging Mr. Humphries infected her and this we believe to be the truth. Very, very simple. This is not a complicated thing.”


Buettner’s Huffington host

Dan Buettner, a proponent of living well and long, is throwing a book party at his Lake of the Isles home for Arianna Huffington June 22 starting at 6 p.m.

The latest book from the founder and editor of is “Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder.”

Buettner, founder and CEO of Blue Zones, told me, “I wrote a book on happiness called ‘Thrive’ a few years ago. So, I take it as a great compliment that Arianna followed suit.”

Buettner’s co-hosts for the cocktails & hors d’oeuvres gathering are Mayor Betsy Hodges and “Bizarre Foods” star Andrew Zimmern, who I assume will have no input on the menu.


Cake pops for pop stars

The Backstreet Boys are getting Taste of Love Bakery cake pops as welcome gifts from the X for their “In a World Like This Tour” stop Tuesday in St. Paul.

“The cake pops will don images of the guys in the band as well as mini globes [as a nod] to their tour name,” Jora Deziel Bart, the X’s PR manager tells me. Naturally they will also get custom Wild jerseys.

Bart sent me some of Marie Philippi’s Taste of Love treats.

Chocolate I can take or leave but this dessert was exceptional. When I did not stop at one, I started sharing the cake pops with my colleagues, who also thought they were unbelievably delicious. The sweetest part of Philippi’s work is that “when the opportunity comes our way,” the bakery creates custom birthday cakes for underprivileged kids.


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