Word has it that Kris Humphries is very pleased with the outcome of his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Humphries had held out for months after Kardashian sought a divorce, seeking an annulment on the grounds that the 72-day marriage was a fraud perpetrated by Kardashian for reality TV ratings.

He stands behind his belief that the marriage was a fraud, even though he was not granted an annulment.

He decided he wanted the matter settled before the NBA playoffs begin. The Brooklyn Nets, for whom he plays, had their first playoff game Saturday. They beat the Chicago Bulls, 106-89.

Schussler adds art to Kona Grill

Add “interior designer” to the résumé of restaurant creator Steve Schussler.

Eden Prairie’s Kona Grill apparently had not a single piece of art on its walls until recently. “I come in here all the time,” said Schussler, whose “Green Acres: An Enchanting Event Center in a Historic Barn,” is just down the road. “The food’s phenomenal, the service is off the charts, but the place had a little bit of a cold atmosphere. There wasn’t one picture on the wall. Now it’s warm.”

Schussler spent five weeks going to a store — he wants to keep its identity his little secret — from which he bought approximately 52 pieces: paintings, a huge carved wood wall clock and glassware.

“I did it because when I come here, I want to feel good,” said Schussler when we met for lunch. “I’m on Kona’s board of directors. Why wouldn’t I want to help them out [since] this is what I do for a living?”

Interior design is not what I thought my friend, the creator of Rainforest Café, T-Rex and many other concepts, did.

“I create restaurants, and I do all the design in all of them,” said Schussler, CEO of Schussler Creative.

Cuteness in a Jiff

Jiff the Pomeranian had some work to do at Target last week, according to his handlers.

The “dog actor/model,” as his business card reads, also spread his adorableness around the Twin Cities’ TV stations. I enjoyed petting Jiff while he was appearing on FOX 9.

Except for a few growls for “Buzz” anchors Keith Marler, Alix Kendall and Tom Halden — perhaps because Jiff did not like the lighting in the sparkling new studio (where the haunting Jason Matheson smell seems to have been eradicated) — the pooch didn’t have much to say, as you can see on my video at startribune.com/video.

Expecting again

Sheletta Brundidge is expecting a baby girl, and the situation is already looking hairy.

The former host of Hubbard Broadcasting’s “Crossroads” community affairs show and former FM107.1 personality, Brundidge is now an assignments editor at KTRK-TV in Houston, Texas.

“I’ve got two boys. I don’t want to deal with ruffled socks you’ve got to match with outfits. I don’t know what to do with any hair. I don’t want to deal with those clacking beads [like tennis champs Venus and Serena Williams once wore] and braiding hair. This little girl is going to be the first baby with a lace front wig at the age of six months,” said Sheletta. “We’re going to call her Beyoncé.”

Actually, the baby’s expected to be named Cameron, I was told last month. This week I learned she now has a middle name: Joyce. Uh-oh.

“We’re already calling her C.J.,” Sheletta said. Good Lord. Cameron was the name Brundidge and her husband, Shawn, settled on for the baby, regardless of its sex. They lost a baby girl named Avis in 2009, when they still lived here. Around August 21, Cameron is due to join big brothers Andrew, 6, and Brandon, nine months.

Andrew, who modeled in the Twin Cities, is now exercising that muscle in acting classes. “We started figuring out what his strengths are, and he really likes applause,” Brundidge said. “He likes to be the center of attention like his crazy momma. If they want attention, they are going to get it from somewhere — might as well be on a stage. My momma was like, ‘Sit down and shut up.’ If she’d put [me] on the stage, I’d be a multimillionaire by now.”

Baby Brandon is a food enthusiast. Not baby food, either. “He’s wearing 18-month-old clothes, I’m ashamed to say. He’s like a linebacker. He’s probably going to have high blood pressure because he loves to eat bacon. He doesn’t even have any teeth,” she said. “We go on play dates and other mothers are bringing Cheerios. … I’m carrying around a package of bacon.”

Hold those e-mails and phone calls, and please be reminded: Brundidge has also worked as a comedian.


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