At least one Domino’s pizza went into the gestation of Fox 9 morning news anchor Dawn Stevens’ baby boy.

Probably more, but for sure there was one.

Stevens was at the TV station last week introducing baby Micheal, 9 weeks, to colleagues and viewers to whom Dawn will return from maternity leave on Sept. 9.

“This is Mister Micheal, and only positive words around him, only positive things,” Stevens tells me on my video. (Make sure you see the end of the video during which Stevens says something that’s not positive.)

I didn’t know what she was talking about; I never wrote anything negative about Micheal’s big sister, Ella. “I trust you in that area, but I just wanted to reinforce that,” she said. “Me as a mom saying it’s important to protect my child to make sure he’s only around positive things. I would say that to anybody,” said Stevens.

While she was busy hassling me, her happily married co-anchor Tom Butler mischievously interjected something that has Stevens howling, probably in horror, on the video.

“I want you to meet our love child,” said Butler. “Come on Dawn, it’s time we tell them.”

This quip caused anchor Alix Kendall to react at about the 1:32 time mark.

“Stop, Tom!” Stevens said laughing, although she probably really doesn’t thinks it’s funny. “My husband is not going to like this. This is my good buddy, though. But no.”

Butler is an extremely pleasant person, gentle on and off air. He is also a way bigger rascal than Prince George.

TV colleagues are like a family — they love to tease.

There is a boisterous side of Stevens in my video that you may not have seen on air. There are many sides to this little gal, who’s really come out of her shell.

Take the day in January that she informed me in a measured, Mafioso way that I needed to bring her a pizza to keep the peace.

She was highly miffed that I had broken the news of her pregnancy, even though I gave her two weeks to announce the info herself on air. Stevens was ticked off because, and this still seems silly to me as I type it today: She wanted VIEWERS to notice she was pregnant.

I mean, we are in the news business, which has many negative aspects, although an exciting element is breaking news, right?

Anyhow, I went to Domino’s and purchased the kind of pizza requested by this hostile, hungry, pregnant woman. Then Stevens told me I was not allowed to tell readers about this, ah, extortion. I did tell a couple of friends who live in other states, and they thought it was hysterical.

It’d be funny to me, too, if I didn’t have a feeling there are a few more Domino’s runs in my future.

Miss Ross a no talk?

Diana Ross is reportedly not doing any local media when she comes to Minneapolis to perform Wednesday at the Orpheum.

The diva’s star hasn’t fallen so far that she’ll let just anybody interview her.

There was a time when an audience the size of the Orpheum’s — where she performed in 1991 — would have filled a tenth of the venues where Ross was working.

It’s so odd to think of Ross playing the Orpheum or Patti LuPone at the Dakota, where she’ll be next month. Justin Bieber, are you paying attention? I’m told that very few of those associated with Motown were set for life.

I’ve seen LuPone as “Evita” twice in large theaters and Miss Ross three times in gigantic venues. At one I was so far away from the stage, had it not been for the giant video screens, I wouldn’t have known if that was Diana Ross singing or Jiminy Cricket in some elaborate gowns.

Fans will be able to reach out and touch her at the Orpheum, although I wouldn’t be too grabby, Ross’ claim to enjoy seeing faces notwithstanding.


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