ESPN's Josina Anderson has a self-imposed dress code when she's covering pro sports.

Wednesday the ESPN reporter was at Winter Park, the center of the NFL universe, as the Vikings reversed the decision to reinstate Adrian Peterson while he faces a Texas indictment for whipping a 4-year-old son.

Standing on a patch of lawn in the center of an elevated traffic roundabout, mike in hand, Anderson was wearing a pair of orthopedic flip-flops that looked like OluKai Kulapa Kai W.

When I told her she was making a statement about comfort, she said, "Oh, yeah. If I were doing a live shot here it would be different, but since I've got to walk up to the hill, I put on flip-flops."

A couple of hours later, I saw Anderson wearing towering blue suede platform kicks.

"I can't walk in there [in flip-flops]," Anderson said, pointing to the fieldhouse. "I wouldn't do that in front of the Vikings. I just think it's unprofessional to have my feet out."

Anderson said her shoes were made by designer Betsey Johnson.

The Betsey Johnson currently on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars"? Anderson looked truly clueless, seeming very football, football, football. When told she was dressed like a million bucks, she said, "I try."

There was a kind of funny exchange between a local photographer and a colleague shooting for the NFL Network. The photographer remarked that he didn't think that was Josina Anderson because her hair color was different. I told the guys that her hair color may read differently on TV, but after googling images of Anderson, I have to conclude that she changes her hair often.

In unrelated footwear news

New KSTP reporter Jennifer Ann Wilson came over to introduce herself to me at Winter Park.

I thought the Detroit native, late of Green Bay, was wearing stilettos, but she was wearing sensible flats.

"6-2," said Twitter's @Jennawils, when asked how tall she is. "I'm kind of the runt [in my family]."

She has a sister who is 6 feet 4, a brother who is 6 feet 8, Dad is 7 feet, another sister is 6 feet 1½ and mom is 5 feet 9.

In addition to talking height, we talked sports rivalries. Wilson said she got a few "traitor" catcalls on social media for leaving Green Bay for the Twin Cities, but they were mostly good-natured gibes.

'ET' does himself proud

Sunday, the day the Vikings began to botch the Adrian Peterson case, guess who was singing the national anthem at the Jets-Packers game?

Esera Tuaolo. My source in attendance said Tuaolo was greeted warmly by the crowd.

Need nice Vikings news?

"Given all the awful things that happened in the NFL this week (Roger Goodell must go! And the outside investigation is not at all independent, given the law firm's ties to the NFL and that it will be overseen by owners), it was refreshing to see [Vikings wide receiver] Greg Jennings and his family at Manny's tonight," e-mailed Susan Bowman of Edina.

"He was gracious enough to allow me to take a picture of him with my son," wrote Bowman. "What impressed me the most was viewing a loving family man who was very engaged with his daughter — ordering her chicken nuggets which aren't on the menu — and taking the time to ask her about her day and truly be in the moment with her. Made my day."

Bowman had advice on how the NFL could conduct an investigation into the Ray Rice case that would look unbiased: "Why not hire a law firm from Omaha and have results overseen by Condi Rice and George Mitchell?"

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