“I’m closing the salon [June 30] and hoping to relocate,” longtime Twin Cities stylist Jason Deavalon told me.

I went to his salon near 50th and France, located in the back of blow out salon Wow Bar, on Tuesday after receiving a troubling e-mail from him last week. There’s been a lot going on with Jason, including a wedding to John Deavalon.

“For a very long time now I suffered greatly from mental illness and drug addictions to relieve myself from this reality. On April 14, 2014, I admitted myself to inpatient care to begin the recovery process,” read the e-mail to clients and friends. “In protecting my recovery process I have made several decisions,” wrote Jason. One is apparently cutting ties with Wow Bar.

“I am proud to have been the head artistic director of that company. I have proven to myself that I can teach my unique styling techniques with the success of the Wow Bar. I wish it continued success,” wrote Jason who described himself as a “partner in the Wow blow dry and style bar.”

Something besides hair spray was hanging in the air as I talked to Jason. Meanwhile he tended to client Kathryn Brandt, the brains behind husband Tom Barnard’s business empire. When asked if I was going to be hearing unflattering information shortly, Jason said simply, “Yes, you are.”

Assuming that something was going on between Jason and Wow, I started looking for Caplans. Attorney Parrel Caplan is CEO of Wow, which she owns along with her daughters Alyssa, head of branding and communications, and Chloe, who’s in charge of operations. Parrel’s e-mailed statement read: “Jason is dealing with some very difficult issues and we support his decisions for his health and recovery. We wish him every success and thank him for helping to launch The Wow Bar by sharing his passion and expertise for the art of the blow out. For us, it’s business as usual.”

I asked Parrel if something of the legal variety was on the horizon and she said, “I certainly hope not. For our part, we will work toward an amicable and respectful resolution of our business interests.”

What’s news, Borton? Not this

Former Gophers women’s basketball coach Pam Borton married her partner of 16 years, Lynn Holleran, director of the U’s McNamara Academic Center. “I don’t think this is news,” Borton told me Wednesday in her businesslike manner. “We finally got married.”

Underscoring the non-newsiness to her is the absence of any mention of this event on her Twitter account. The big news @PamBorton is that her nonprofit TeamWomenMN, which just opened an office in the North Loop, has hired an exec director, Kelly Roysland, and a grant writer, Mariann Grossman.

So no gifts and no congrats regarding this other milestone, and don’t tell Borton you saw this item.

Photo opps only for Jenners

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are scheduled to be at the Mall of America Thursday for a book signing.

They weren’t planning to do any day-of interviews. Now comes word they are reportedly doing no advance media. I don’t wonder why.

Even with Kendall buying a $1.4 million L.A. condo with her own money, they are still kids. Our interview would have been lighthearted like this one with Olympic silver medalist Jason Brown: http://bit.ly/1pRMyK4.

I have no plans to read their book, and recommend all questions about it be addressed to their “co-writer” (wink, wink) Maya Sloan.

I suspect their handlers don’t want local nobodies asking the questions national media have been asking about their brother, Rob Kardashian, leaving Europe before Kim and Kanye tied the knot. It’s hard to believe there was a familial dust up over Rob’s weight, but he’s got some pretty shallow family members. Before Rob, who may be the last likable Kardashian, runs over one of the obnoxious paparazzi standing in front of his car as he drives away from his workout facility, maybe his “Momager” should get busy developing an E! TV show for him co-starring a personal trainer and a chef?

Just a thought, not that Kris Jenner needs new ideas on how to exploit her kids.


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