Cowboy Anthony Lucia is just plain smooth.

The Twin Cities sampled this fancy roper’s brand of glare-ice speech recently when he was the announcer for World’s Toughest Rodeo at St. Paul’s X. While introducing youngsters in a “Mutton Bustin’ Competition,” Lucia reminded the parents that these riders may eventually decide the quality of nursing home care these adults would receive. On my you’ll hear Twitter’s @Superlucia33 enthusing as he includes me in a rope trick.

Q: Anthony Lucia does not sound like the name of a Texas cowboy to me. Who has the greatest cowboy name ever?

A: John Wayne, by far. Wyatt Earp. If they ruled America, it would be a whole lot better place.

Q: When was the last time this cowboy cried?

A: I watched “Lone Survivor,” the movie, the other day and I cried because what our troops do for us everyday we take for granted because we don’t ever see it. That movie brought to life the truth of what they do and the sacrifices they make for our freedom.

Q: How goes the new romance with Jessica Holmberg?

A: It’s going good. She’s going to be here at the World’s Toughest Rodeo, signing some autographs.

Q: Does the pressure of everybody knowing create any extra anxiety?

A: Yes, it does. An immense amount of anxiety because I’ve got 11- and 12-year-old girls telling me how I should treat a lady. I tell you what, this Texas cowboy knows how to treat a lady.

Q: With what words do you discourage women who still might want to lasso you?

A: The words I would use would have to be “I have to go.” I look straight down and I walk away.

Q: What’s the name of the person you last saw on TV saying or doing something that made you think: There’s somebody who deserves to be hogtied?

A: Oh, gosh. Bill O’Reilly.

Q: Does Whiplash seem happy to you?

A: Whiplash is one of the happiest. I grew up with Whiplash and my dad’s actually the one who trained Whiplash and so me and Whiplash have grown up our whole lives together. I tell you what, Whiplash loves being a cowboy. He’d rather be a cowboy, ride a dog and be in front of the fans than pick fleas off one of his buddies.

Q: Whiplash, the monkey, rides a dog. What animal, not traditionally affiliated with the rodeo, do you think it would be fun to ride?

A: I think a zebra because zebras are angry animals and they are mean. I think if we’re the world’s toughest cowboys we should ride a zebra and, by golly, see what those lions have to deal with every day in Africa.

Q: You didn’t really think you had a chance on "America’s Got Talent," did you?

A: No. Not a chance. It’s all about singing. I lit my ropes on fire, I did everything like that, but I knew the second round was going to be my ending point.

Q: Your daddy grew up very poor on the streets of Minneapolis. Does he find trips back to Minnesota emotionally difficult?

A: He did. You know, for my dad it was one of the most fulfilling things for him to be able to come back to Minnesota triumphant by being able to create so many amazing things. Coming from such a rough background, the streets and the fights; to be able to come back in front of his home state is triumphant for him.

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