Adrian Peterson calls himself “the assassin,” so it makes sense that he’s learned the value of a silencer during NFL games.

Peterson, the NFL’s current MVP, made an appearance last week at the Mall of America’s Champs Sports store on behalf of Nike. Before talking about Nike gear to some student athletes, Peterson talked to the media about various items, including Titans running back Chris Johnson stating in March his intention to outrush Peterson in 2013.

Peterson’s response via Twitter: “Why would or should I care about what C.J. has to say? Before you tweet what he’s saying, ask yourself that question! MVPeterson.”

I asked Peterson if he also talks smack while on the football field.

“I really don’t talk trash on the field. One game, in particular, I did — St. Louis — and that first quarter was kind of rough. Those guys were really chomping from the defensive line, linebackers, everybody was talking noise. I kind of got into a battle talking, firing back at those guys. But once I got back to my normal self — you know I call myself ‘the assassin’ — you know, I got quiet, focused. I hit those guys with like a 60- or 70-yarder. That kind of closed their mouths for a little bit.”

I told Peterson it had to be easier to get 9 yards to end the 2012 season than it is to start the 2013 season saying he’s going to get 2,500 yards.

“It’s just a bar I set for myself. I’m always trying to push myself to a peak, do better than I did the previous year. I expect a lot out of myself.”

Peterson continues to hold no grudges that NOT A SOUL ON THE VIKINGS SIDELINE was keeping track of the fact that he was just 9 yards short of Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record. As you can see on, I told Peterson I’m still not over that one.

Caring soul, on and off TV

Dr. Oz’s bedside manner is just as good on the air as off KARE 11, where he appears weekdays at 3 p.m.

Harold Crump, the Hubbard Broadcasting exec who was Oprah’s first boss, ended up being seated near Dr. Oz’s table at the 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards that recently aired from Los Angeles. Crump is on the exec committee of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which oversees the Emmys. Crump has met Dr. Oz a few times, the first being when Oprah invited Crump, his wife, Leigh, and daughter Missy Porter to an exclusive A-lister after-party when O was signing off her long-running talk show in 2011.

When they met again at the Daytime Emmys in Los Angeles, the affable Dr. Oz wanted to know what the latest was in Crump’s life. Dr. Oz was told that Harold and Leigh had been having quite a time since her adult son was injured in a bad car accident.

“He asked me for the number and immediately pulled out his cellphone and called Leigh and talked to her five or 10 minutes, listening to her tell him more about the accident,” said Crump.

Leigh Crump told me, “Dr. Oz said he was so sorry and he said I just want you to make sure he gets Omega 3s. I told my son it’s not very often that somebody gets Dr. Oz to call and prescribe for them. He’s just the same caring person he is on TV. He really likes people.”

When Harold returned to his office in the KSTP-TV building, there among his e-mails was one from Dr. Oz containing all his contact information and stating that he could be contacted at any time.

Matriarch of Minnesota jazz

The local music scene lost one of its biggest boosters and performers Sunday when Jeanne Arland Peterson, 91, the matriarch of Minnesota jazz, died.

The pianist and vocalist was a fixture on the local music scene — always out there listening, mingling and playing the piano well until recently. Her famous-in-their-own-right brood of five children (who have also produced extremely talented, musical kids) always sweetly escorted their mom to events. And when Jeanne Arland Peterson took the stage, nobody in the room ever had a better time than the woman at the piano. You could practically hear the ivories giggling as she tickled them.

Rest well, Mrs. Peterson.


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