I just got back from five days in the BWCA.  The walleyes and pike were hitting steady on Lake Agnes off points in eight feet of water on diver plugs. The anglers passing through from Lac La Croix were reporting similar successes.  We were on Agnes which is a portage away from Oyster. Oyster is a trout lake.  All of the guys that were coming out of Oyster had gotten skunked.  We spoke with several parties with this story. 
    We caught enough walleyes for eight guys to eat fish for four nights and once for breakfast.
    The wildflowers were nearing blooming.  We found stands of false morels in areas where there was standing water. We had no issues with bears or moose.
    The wind was horrible.  At one point a whirlwind came off the point and picked up a 65-pound rotomold canoe, spun it around twice, and drug it into the lake. The unfortunate thing is that my tackle box, full of my spin fishing tackle (dozens of rapalas, panther martins, spoons, spinner baits, hooks, weights) got taken into the lake with it. The point we were camping on was a 30-foot drop off. That’s where the box went. The wind demon stole it and gave to the lake.

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