Let me steal my own thunder first. Jos A. Bank  had a heckuva sale on men's suits not that long ago. Buy one suit at regular price and get two free. Great sale, but the one at Saks Off Fifth Saturday and Sunday, July 25-26, is just as good if not better. The store is at 655 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, 612-333-7200.

Yes, I realize that the Saks offer is only a BOGO--buy one, get one free, but at the Saks outlet, the suits are already marked down, so the first suit you're buying is not at regular price. It's probably at least 33 percent off already.

Let let me be even more transparent. Some of the suits at Saks are "special purchase" suits that really aren't such a good deal. You can usually spot those because there is one in each size and they're often grouped on one rack. The much better deals are the onesies from the department store with the Saks' original ticket on it with the markdowns shown.

I like Saks for suits because even though it's an outlet, there are still plenty of sizes including longs and shorts.

The sale does not include clearance suits but take a look at those anyway. Ask a clerk if you can't find them.