The family of Jaymi Wendt, the 10-year-old who was killed two years ago when a tornado ripped through Rogers, settled its wrongful-death suit Wednesday against two home builders.

"While the family still mourns Jaymi's death, they're pleased to close this chapter and move forward," attorney Patrick Sauter said after the suit was resolved in Hennepin County Court.

The Wendt family will receive an undisclosed sum from Monarch Homes and Brook Builders Inc. The family settled Tuesday with another builder, Consolidated Concrete and Masonry Inc.

For two years, Jaymi's death had been blamed on the tornado that ripped through Rogers, carving a 6-mile path of destruction. But her attorneys said that it was poor construction of the house she was in, and not the tornado, that caused her death.

Six people were treated for injuries and 340 houses were damaged in the Sept. 16, 2006, storm that moved so swiftly that weather officials did not have time to sound sirens. But Jaymi's death, which occurred at a neighbor's house built by Monarch Homes in 1998, might have been prevented had the house's foundation been more sound, said Sauter, of the Minneapolis law firm Brassford Remele.

Jaymi had accompanied her brother Jake, then 19, who was asked by neighbors Beth and Jeff Heibel to babysit their young children. Then the storm hit.

Wednesday's settlement came after Beth Heibel and a firefighter had testified before a jury, Sauter said.