Anyone who follows former Vikings Pro Bowl (well, he didn't quite make the game, but that's another story) offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie (@Bryantmckinnie) on Twitter knows that he like to par-tay.

He has made a lot of money during his career, but apparently isn't all that good at saving/investing it.  Before last season, he took out a $4 million loan in case of a lockout with Pro Player Funding.  According to TMZ, the payments would come out of McKinnie's paychecks with the Vikings, but when the Vikings cut him, a payment was missed, and the loan came due.  So now, with interest, it's $4.3 million. PPF got a judgment against the ex-Miami Hurricane, and he has to pay up.

Big Mac and Cheese's new contract with the Ravens is "only" worth $7.5 million over two years, so he might have to be a little more fiscally responsible this year. Or at least take out another loan.

As Pro Football Talk points out, football players have resources to avoid financial difficulties, but ...


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