I’ll see your VanDamme stare-down splits and raise you a Norris. Merry Christmas:

LISTOMANIA The worst posters of 2013. You almost wish they were worse, so they’d be more interesting.

UPDATE This site rounds up 80s “New Wave” stars as they look today. While we applaud the effort, “99 Luftballoons” was not New Wave. Then there’s this, which seems startling: “Culture Club (Note: Boy George is bearded on the left)” It includes the Stray Cats, which weren’t really New Wave either, but what the heck.

Speaking of which: The Strib had a piece on Brian Setzer’s condo, now up for sale. It included this picture by John Wash:

OF COURSE he has pinball machines. But which ones? Well, one backplate is easy to identify.

That’s not just Eight-Ball Deluxe, it’s the Limited Edition. I think the aesthetics of the machine were compromised by that odd scoreing display, but the gameplay’s the same. It’s regarded by many as the finest pinball machine ever made - simple enough to engage you the first time, complex enough to reward endless practice. When a man can make that Eight-Ball shot at will, he’s accomplished something in life.

Can’t name the others, but they look like late 60s / early 70s machines with Stern’s “Elvis” table in the foreground.

Man, that’s livin’.

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