Nestled on the shore of Lake Minnetonka in a little town established by East Coasters, Excelsior Brewing is doing big things in a small space. Founded by Patrick Foss, Jon Lewin, and John Klick; Excelsior Brewing has set out to make some of the best beer in the area. They serve it in a retro bike and paddleboard decorated tap room complete with disco ball and a soundtrack ranging from Michael Jackson to David Bowie.

Ben Flattum, Senior Ambassador at Excelsior, sets up tours and runs the blog on their website. He keeps things lively at the brewery with his positive energy and excitement. The vibe here is similar to that of Lift Bridge Brewery in Stillwater except that the taproom at Excelsior is also located right in the same room as the brewery.

You may recognize the brewmaster who is none other than Bob DuVernois the former cask master and head brewer at Great Waters Brewery of St. Paul. He is currently brewing Bridge Jumper IPA, a robust 9% ABV brew that clocks in at 75 IBU’s—sure to have you calling for a sober ride home. The XLCR Pale Ale is a well balanced beer which comes in at 5.8% ABV and flaunts an IBU rating of 45. Their Blonde Ale is by far the most refreshing choice and the most sessionable option at 5.1% ABV and 22 IBU’s.

The brewery plans to host a couple of events this fall. The first being Al and Alma’s Kruisetoberfest which is set to take place on Sunday, September 16th. The brewery’s Oktoberfest is happening on Saturday, October 13th and promises to be a good time. One thing is for sure, the people in this town—whether they are just getting off the lake or on their way home from from work—know where to go for a great local beer.

For more details about what is going on at Excelsior Brewery visit their website here.




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