Yes, it's true. But first, : Another day, another pap-smacking.

News photographers say bodyguards for Russell Brand assaulted them as they shot pictures of the British comedian touring a national park in India before his wedding to Katy Perry.

 The photographers say they were in a jeep behind Brand's on Friday when two bodyguards jumped out of their own jeep and began punching them and their driver.

 The photographers say bodyguards snatched the keys to the photographers' car, stranding them in Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary. They say Brand watched.

Now, in today's important news:.

The California Girl arrived at the airport wearing an Indian bridal nose ring, which is traditionally worn by Indian brides throughout their wedding day until the groom removes it that night. While Katy and Russell have proved to be anything but a reserved duo in the past, even hinting at a clothing optional wedding, could this be their sign to the world that it’s going to be a wedding filled with tradition and custom?

A) The world is not looking for a sign. The world is looking for a couple more hits, then the inevitable career decline followed by a tasteful Playboy shoot and then a reality show. The world expects this

B) By “Tradition and custom” he means “someone else”s tradition and customs.” Unless she grew up in India or had Indian parents.

C) The author did spell Girl correctly, instead of “Gurl.” We thank him for this.

D) As for arriving at the airport wearing a nose ring, how could anyone tell?







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