Dear Prudence: I have a wonderfully satisfying job at a small nonprofit organization. But recently there was an incident with my boss, "Mr. Johnson." He's a great leader but he's also kind of forgetful. Mr. Johnson frequently neglects to adjust his wardrobe so that his pants zipper is up after using the gentleman's room. It also seems apparent that he doesn't always wear underwear as his bull escaped from the barn. It wasn't intentional or sexual in any way, but every time I see my boss I can only think of his privates that didn't keep so private. He didn't react or seem embarrassed.

Should I talk directly to Mr. Johnson about this, or should I report the incident to his supervisor? Or should I just let it go and hope it never happens again?

Prudence says: Oh, yeah, sweet, absent-minded Mr. Johnson is so busy making the world better that he often forgets to keep his johnson in his pants. Normally when a man realizes he's forgotten to zip his pants, the humiliation makes him want to secure his fly with a padlock. If this guy is really that out of it, I wonder if he has the capacity to be running an organization.

Since this has happened more than once, I think it's gotten past the point where someone needs to quietly mention, "Dick, your zipper is down." It's fair for you to go to a supervisor and say you are too uncomfortable to have this conversation with Mr. Johnson yourself, but he needs to be told that the wardrobe malfunctions must come to an end.

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