A plastic tub in the rafters of a garage in a Rosemount townhouse complex contained a "significant amount" of blood and a bloodstained quilt, according to a newly released search warrant affidavit that offers additional clues into a shooting death outside a Burnsville bar and the subsequent stabbing death of a 20-year-old woman in September.

The evidence from the townhouse may explain why police said last month that they believe Anarae Schunk was killed at the townhouse, where Ashley M. Conrade lived with Shavelle Chavez-Nelson.

Nelson, 31, is a suspect in Schunk's death but no charges have been filed. He is charged with first- and second-degree murder in the shooting death of Palagor O. Jobi outside Nina's Grill in Burnsville on Sept. 22. Schunk was with Nelson and Conrade at the bar that night, authorities have said. Her body, riddled with stab wounds, was found nine days later in a roadside ditch near Lonsdale.

Conrade, 24, is charged with one felony count of aiding an offender. An amended criminal complaint filed Monday contained more details about her actions, including that she allegedly bought more ammunition for Nelson's gun the day after the shooting.

Conrade appeared before Dakota County District Judge Kathryn Messerich on Tuesday, where her attorney argued that her bail be lowered from its current $250,000, or $150,000 with conditions. The judge declined.

Still, Conrade was able to post $15,000 bond and be released from jail Nov. 19. She must remain law abiding, not use or possess alcohol or drugs, submit to random testing, not have any firearms or other dangerous weapons and make all future court appearances.

Defense attorney John Leunig also has filed a motion seeking to dismiss the charge against her for lack of probable cause. That motion will be heard Dec. 23. Nelson's next court appearance is Dec. 20.

Police have said almost nothing about their investigation into Schunk's death. Her brother Owen said the family is becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of information.

"I'm not asking for details and pictures and evidence," he said. "I just want to hear from [police] once in a while."

The search warrant affidavit, signed by District Judge Richard Spicer two days after the Nina's shooting — while Schunk was still missing — asked for the court's permission to obtain DNA swabs, fingernail clippings and photos of Nelson, also known as Anthony Lee Nelson.

It said Schunk's cellphone records indicated that she talked to Nelson before the shooting.

In a search of Conrade's townhouse at 14500 Shannon Pkwy. about 4 p.m. Sept. 24, officers found a 2-by-3-foot tub "containing a significant amount of suspected blood. Inside the tub also was a quilt containing suspected blood. The tub was located in the garage above the rafter area."

The complaints against Conrade and Nelson said Nelson was driving Conrade's car, a 2012 Ford Fusion, when Burnsville police tried to stop him shortly after noon Sept. 24. After a short chase, he jumped out of the car and fled into a quarry at County Road 46 and Shannon Parkway in Rosemount, where he was arrested. A short time later, officers found a 9-millimeter handgun nearby.

Shortly before 1 p.m. Sept. 24, detectives interviewed Conrade in a squad car outside her home, the amended complaint said. They asked her several times if she had ever seen Nelson with a gun; each time, she said no. During a search of her home later that day, investigators found a receipt dated Sept. 23 for a box of 9mm ammunition in Conrade's wallet. The manager of the gun shop where the ammunition was purchased said a female bought it, the amended complaint said. The bullet clip found in the gun in the quarry contained the same kind of ammunition.

In that first interview, Conrade told police that a woman she knew as "Tiffany" was with her and Nelson at Nina's the night of the shooting. Afterward, the three went back to Conrade's home, she said. But in an interview the next day, she said she, Nelson and Schunk left the bar together in her car. On Sept. 26, Conrade identified the handgun found in the quarry as Nelson's and said he had had it for about two months before Jobi's death.